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Two-Timin' Subbie

20070h 59m

Consummate submissive. Slave Dove has been two-timing her lovers. Mistress Carly and Mistress Camille, not knowing that the two mistresses were, in fact, girlfriends. We are first treated in a demonstration of Dove's submissive nature. After a beautiful session of ass worship, Dove is bound to the dining table and subjected in a dose of ass flogging pussy torture. Next Carly and Camille connect for some steamy switching, S&M lovemaking. But when the mistresses discover that they have been sharing the same unfaithful slave, Dove's ass is THEIR'S! Question is: Did the sneaky, manipulative Dove plan to get caught from the start?

Studio: Legend Video
Rick Savage
Categories: S&M
1 Likes, 0 Dislikes
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Movie Info ReportTwo-Timin' Subbie

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