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Hit And Run

20071h 31m

Somebody is murdering rich Beverly Hills ladies' men. The coppers have plenty of clues but at the same time are sort of, well, clueless. They know that each of the guys was injected with a drug which brings on cardiac arrest, and that they got the bejeesus boffed out of them less than an hour before their deaths. But other than that, L.A.'s finest have zilch. But now ace detective Jay Ashley is on the case, and he's got his eye on Kristi Myst as his prime suspect ? she's the wife of the first victim, who conveniently signed over his life insurance to the blonde sex machine minutes before moving on to the happy hunting ground. Trouble is, Jay's also got his eye on her for other reasons ? and who wouldn't? Ms. Myst exudes a four-alarm...

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