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Anastasia Blue

Anastasia Blue
May 11, 1980 (35 yrs)
Anchorage, AK
United States
160 cm / 5'2
47 kg / 104 lbs

About Anastasia Blue


Anastasia Blue Porn Movies (23 Sex Videos in total)

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'My Boyfriend - Her attachment to her plastic friend had reached epic proportions when her family finally intervened. Hiring a cult deprogrammer to wean Leigh from her rubber lover was the logical step. The use of a double-packed hot beef injection to clear Leigh's head was his idea. 'Playmates for Bucky - When you're a 35-year-old infant it's hard to get playmates. Some parents just don't understand. But this daddy knows just what to do. Changing diapers was never this much fun. Watch these babies get an anal and pussy injection. 'Hare Up My Ass - Here comes Peter Cock'n' Tail pumpin' up the pussy trail. With a stroke and a poke and jizm's on its way. Go ahead, sing along, but beware the wrath of an angry bunny as this little Euro babe gets a hare up her ass. 'Dental Dilemma - This little girl went in to get her braces adjusted but instead got her ass fucked out of whack. Welcome to Dentist Dave's office. You want your teeth whiter? He'll brush something on that's real...
Categories: Anal, Teens 18+, Hardcore
Max is a magician! Watch in amazement as Max transforms these once innocent girls into ass reamed, cum slobbering fuck toys! It's incredible the vile shit he gets them to do! All filmed just for you
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
Max is back for more defiling, debauched hardcore fun!
Categories: Feature
Stephanie Swift, that oh-so-mouthwatering, deliciously feline porn diva, has been making very few movies as of late, she's limiting her work to a few choice projects in which she pools her mind-blowing talents with those of fellow super star performers and industry-best producers and directors like and Michael Zen, who puts the sublime Ms. Swift through her paces here in wonderfully high style. In this lust, blazingly erotic production, Stephanie stars as a brainy young woman who is working out a few of her personal sexual kinks online as thousands of breathless fans watch live. It is a visually splendid, psychologically driven exploration of one of the porn world's most impressive libidos. Stephanie turns in one of the most toweringly epic performances of her career here, and leaves the screen blistering and smoking in her wake. Her megawatt sexuality blooms into a napalm-blast of smoldering sensuality and raw desire expressed with flinty eyed abandon. A must see treat for...
Categories: Anal, Extreme Hardcore
Max transforms these once innocent girls into ass reamed, cum slobbering fuck toys! Its incredible the vile shit he gets them to do! All filmed just for you
Categories: Feature
When Kira Kener breaks up with long-time beau Erik Everhard, she moves herself into a secluded new house in order to get away from it all. As soon as she moves in, though, Kira starts getting sex-drenched mail addressed to the previous tenant. It seems whoever it was led a pretty freaky lifestyle, and now Kira finds herself drawn inexorably into a new world of sensual pleasure. At least, that's the idea. The plot actually sort of falls apart about ten minutes into this one, but the white-hot action continues right up until the closing bell. Among the highlights is a searing segment starring tasty young cutie Blair, who takes on Dale Dabone and Cheyne Collins in a startlingly erotic threeway tryst. Blair may be new to the scene, but she already knows how to crank things up to a fever pitch. Other great scenes include a steamy session in which cute Anastasia Blue takes on T.T. Boy in a hard-pounding anal blast, and Kira's climactic clinch with Vince Voyeur. Solid, workmanlike porn from...
Categories: Anal, Orgy, Compilation, Hardcore
I've always favored a good compilation over a feature. Why? Cause there's more sex! Sucking, fucking, Cum-all the good stuff and no filler! That's the reason for the orgy line! Condensed, nasty, and fuckin' and suckin' as it should be,? but All New Footage! If this doesn't work for you then give it up-your libido is in limbo! Oh yeah-and there's a lot of Filth too!
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Teens 18+
Stuff your ass, how to feed the need. How to get him to like you and no one else! True stories of 'The night he blew my ass out'. Your asshole, give it what it really wants!
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
All of you anal lovers out there are going to love this! We took some of the hottest and horniest babes and put them together in this movie to get asses fucked hard!
Categories: Pornstars, Hardcore
After a stalker drives Janine from Hollywood, she joins her sister in the country. Keep your cocks in the barn... This farm's about to rock!
She's almost an identical twin to his deceased wife. Will her passion steal his heart, or is it his wealth that she lusts after? Was she made for him, or is she on the make?
Categories: Teens 18+, Anal, Hardcore
True Confessions of Five Famous Bungholes!The first ass interview known to mankind.Asses that really say something!
Categories: Hardcore
Here's a hardcore, heaping helping of sweet girlies getting their yummy fuck holes drilled, and its just what the doctor ordered! Wanton whores spread their legs for all cummers and get their tight pussies and snug rectums power pumped until the creamy nectar drips down their trembling inner thighs. You won't believe your eyes as one depraved nympho after another licks, sucks, fucks, and slurps up all the hot buttered sex action she can get.
Nikki knows a little lube goes a long way... whey it cums to the art of anal sex! That's right - Nikki Anderson, one of the hottest stars in adult does it all in this offering from Seymore!
Categories: Amateur, All Natural
CHEYENNE just turned 18. Watch her squeeze 100% naturally sweet juice out of her tiny pussy when she fills it over and over again with her big sisters' favorite dildos. CHANDLER is a size queen in-the-making. She likes to practice taking huge cock with the biggest toys she can find! LENA likes to put things in her tight little butt. She's saving her cherry for the right man, but she'll still let the wrong one bust a nut on her face! MIRAGE is still a virgin, but she can still make your cock disappear down her greedy little throat and pull it out in time to take your load in her pretty blue eyes! ANASTASIA has the tightest pussy on the planet. She loves filling it with the toy she bought in Mexico... it's the only place she can legally drink!
Categories: Compilation, Hardcore
Invasion Of The Cumsucking Meateaters: Yards of turgid stud meat disappear into all-consuming, damp, dark holes...once-manly gonads are drained dry & shrunk down to peanut size! Bionic Butts: How do those poor, wretched assholes take such relentless bombardments that would destroy any human cock cave?!! Yes!! Bionic Wizardry!!
All these rich white chicks have some things in common. First, they all have trust funds which strictly prohibit any behavior that would stain the loft reputation of their families. Second, they all need black dick. Somethings got to give, and this is where I come in. I set these girls up to be hole-pounded by the Black Stud Co., and I promised not to mail the video to Mum and Dad.
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
These beauties are a dream cum true. Watch as these backsides are exposed beyond belief.
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
The last time we saw Dweller, he was at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean about to encounter a great white! The ensuing carnage results in the tearing away of the fa?ade of the infamous Harry Dweller. This shocking tale is not for the faint of heart!Can you stand the pressure?As always, let me know what you think.
Welcome to our 25th issue of University Co-eds. We have an outstanding issue in store for you. I took the best scenes from issues 11-24 to create this Yearbook Edition. The criteria involved for my selection of these scenes are as follows: 1. Beauty, 2. Sexual Content, 3. Production Values. As usual we're bringing you the youngest and freshest girls allowed by law, along with the high quality you're accustomed to at Dane. - Hope you boys enjoy, Don Marque
First Audition - it was my first audition. I was sooo nervous, I wonder what kind of pictures he's going to take of me? I wonder if they're going to be naughty...Introducing Lee in I Need A Car - My mom wouldn't help me get a new car...... Disturbed Brother - He was jealous of his younger sisters boyfriend. He was 29 years old and still scoring young 19 year old pussy. Even though he was the same age, he couldn't get laid in a French Whorehouse.
Categories: Pornstars, Hardcore
These girls just can't wait to hit the sack!
Hot Bods 12 starts out with Envy and Stoney catching Mark in front of the house getting a BJ from Vivian. Envy joins in and helps Mark stretch Vivan's ass for the Best Gape I have ever seen! Crusin in a '54 Ford, we meet Bronze. Go For a Ride. When Tristan meets Bronze a hot 3-way develops with Chris. Bronze deserves a gold medal for her anal! Syndee takes Evan's (with help from Melody Love) Steele cock up her poop-chute. Smoking Scene! Hot 12 ends with the lovely Mariah & Anastacia fucking Hershel into a coma! Anastacia's anal is AWESOME!
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