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Brian Surewood

Brian Surewood
Jun 01, 1963 (51 yrs)
California, CA
United States
183 cm / 6'0

About Brian Surewood


Brian Surewood Porn Movies (141 Sex Videos in total)

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Anal, multiple D.P.'s, and multiple facial cum shots! "I'm not a whore, I just play one on T.V.!" How much black dick can one white whore handle? Watch and see as this cum covered whore gets her asshole gaped!
Categories: Amateur, Teens 18+, Hardcore
What would my parents think if they saw what I just did? They would cheer me on and hope that I do this well in school!
Tracy Love turns in one of her best and bawdiest performances yet in this searing tribute to trailer park trollops and the guys they attract. Tracy brings her tasty curves to the role of Pat Myne's trashy wife, a woman who spends her days gossiping around the courtyard and her nights in naughty ecstasy. The opener finds Tracy and Pat arguing about the neighborhood slut, only to be interrupted by race car driver J.J. Michaels. He offers them some tickets to a stock car race, which Tracy gladly repays him for with some salacious oral fun. Eventually, Pat gets in on the action as well, and Tracy finds herself in the middle of a merry DP delight. Next we meet the aforementioned slut, a well-cast Mila. She fries up a cheese sandwich for her hardworking man, but when she takes it out to the worksite, she ends up in the midst of another wild threesome. The finale once again brings us the lovely charms of Tracy Love. She heads out to the worksite, too, and finds Byron Long and a gang of his...
Categories: Pornstars, Hardcore
Tabitha is a woman driven by her dark her devil within...warning to explore all the decadence life has to offer. So many dicks, so little time. Will she resist those who would want to repress her, control her and restrict her sexual appetite?
Categories: Blondes, Anal, Hardcore
Fusxion's master of dis-ass-ter Pat Myne returns with a gift for all you fans of blonde chicks: lots of tight ass blonde beauties taking the big cocks right up the ass and then draining the cum all over their pretty blue eyed faces
Twisted dirty tales from the JM productions team. Part twenty one... Stories to corrupt the mind.
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
Scene 1: Tennis Coach. Her tennis coach threatened to get her kicked off the team because of missed practices, until they came up with a mutual agreement. You know, pussy solves any problem. Scene 2: Pool Brats. Two young girls poolside discover each other's most secret desires! Scene 3: Peepers. Bo & Billy Bob break in the new neighbor girl, after they spy on her stripping seductively poolside. Scene 4: Zuma Beach. One of our top reporters picks up nasty young girl at Zuma Beach. After a hot striptease photo session, he teaches her what nineteen video magazine is all about! Enjoy!
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
Torrid Entertainment presents a new series dedicated to the Asshole! We are not saying you are, but you would be if you didn?t like to see an all star cast of women who prefer to have their asses stretched wide open and penetrated like it was their other hole! If you?re a fan of nasty anal sex then look no further. It's all about Desire, Backdoor Desire.
Categories: Blowjobs, Cumshots, Hardcore
The high throbbing series of the best cocksucker's taking on the biggest dick's continues on in this sensational match. The fabulous sex star, mighty Alexandra Quinn, takes on the new, Latin bombshell, sensational Adriana Sage. In another incredible bout filled with cocksucking, incredible deep throating, and multiple cocks in the mouth. The two go all out to see who gets the most cum all over her face. In the semifinal, sultry Samantha, a pussyman original, takes on hot euro-trash. Dominque in a deep cocksucking extravaganza, more incredible, realistic action Pussyman style!
Categories: Handjobs, Cumshots
Ahhh to be a teen again?The innocence of the first time a girl stroked your cock, remember? Well times haven't changed much, Defiance Films assembled 10 of the hottest teens to fondle, rub, stroke, and caress cock just for you. Teen Handjobs #1 will make you wish you were young again.
These girls get their gushy pussies and tight assholes ravaged like they've never gotten before. These sex kittens suck on cock and balls until they gag!
Categories: Fantasy, Pornstars, Hardcore
Small town girl Mary Beth is taken by an unidentified source in the sky. A mysterious semen like chemical bubbles up from underneath the earth's surface. Respected, church-going community folks engage in lewd, lustful acts of carnality. This is sexy FBI agent Miranda Parks' first day on the job. It may be her last. Discover the secret of the fever.
Categories: Amateur, Anal, Teens 18+
Anal is like my newest, bestest word EVER!!! Love Tactics - Sex positions that get results!!! True Stories Of - The night my asshole gaped!!! Your Orgasm - The answer may lay in your ass...
Meet wives who take it up the ass! Gang Bang a wife today! These slutty wives want a dick for every hole, and their loads all over her body! Enjoy this 2nd anniversary edition and please scew my wife!
Categories: Blowjobs, Cumshots, Hardcore
The search for the most talented tongue in the land continues in this scintillating second session. Once again the contestants lavish their mouth loving skills on a host of hardy studs, delving deep into their throaty arsenal to prove that theirs are the best oral skills around. The judging may be difficult, but someone's got to do it! Scrumptious Cherry Mirage proves herself to be one awesome oral practitioner, taking everything her man has to offer -- and then some. Newcomer Dominique turns in a wet and wild performance that leaves her man totally spent. The contest builds to an explosively erotic finale. Who's the winner, you ask? Anyone who watches this oralicious collection, that's who!
Categories: Black, Hardcore
Watch as white boy Mark Wood ventures into the hood for some hot black action. He just loves tappin dat black ass, who doesn't. But don't worry homies, there's still plenty of that nappy dugout left out there for you. New Jack Interracial Action! Pop your collar on these hood rats! These bizzles swallow the jizzle! The flyest flavors of pussy! Foxy hood ornaments ready for your flow! Watch as these black whores get banged out for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!
Can you believe that we're already up to vol. 10! To celebrate our anniversary, we got the hottest Latina working in the business today, Lena Julliett. If you look at the front cover, you can see that this girl bites her fingernails. What's she so nervous about? Getting pregnant! As a Latina, she's genetically super-fertile! Normal porn shoots are nerve-wracking enough. But a 5 Guy Cream Pie? She only agreed to do it because we explained what a special occasion this was to you, our viewers. We hope you appreciate it!
Plump and Heavy! Look at those big udders on the cover. You can see how heavy they are in the sluts? hands. Imagine how tasty they?d be in your mouth! If you?re reading this now, we know you?re a tit man. A man who appreciates a girl with a nice rack. Well, you came to the right place. These sluts suck and scrwe and lick ? and of course show off those huge jugs of theirs. If you get mesmerized by a giant pair of bouncing titties as the girl rides a cock or gets pounded from behind, then prepare to bust a nut!
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
Categories: Feature, Pornstars
Get ready for the thrill ride of the year! The Heist is a sexy, suspenseful caper chock full of chick with big tits and big guns! Some baby are just born bad! Guilty of random acts of perversity, four drop-dead gorgeous femme fatales break out of prison to pull off the biggest heist of their criminal careers. It's a dangerous task that will test their loyalties, wills and cock sucking abilities.
Savanna and her girlfriend are caught in bed by Savanna's enraged husband. He freaks out, and the girlfriend accidentally kills him. They run away and end up in Needles, California, where the real nightmare begins...starting with a local psycho impersonating a cop. Think of it as Thelma and Louise meets The House of 1000 Corpses. Only Savanna squirts and the anal scenes will amaze you. This is B. Skow at his darkest...not for the faint of heart. Or faint of pants..
Look, here's the deal on this one: The sex is off the hook! So we called it just that. Sure there's a story - there's a bunch of them. From a rock and roll fantasy to the 'ho next door. But here's what you really need to know: Hillary and Nadia do anal. It's all in Vivid hi-def. Sunrise is everywhere and she has never been so hot! And B Skow outdoes himself with his craziest sex yet. Hook up. Off the Hook. See it now!
Categories: Gangbang, Orgy, Teens 18+
Amazing Double Penetrations! A Cum Loaded Fuck-A-Thon! No Holes Barred Gang Bang! A Feast Of Flesh!
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
Pussyman finds todays hottest teenage porno starlets and invites them to his kingdom where they get screwed silly.
My Boy: Twenty five years ago Brandon's wife gave birth to a hideously deformed creature. Having died during the operation, Brandon had to raise the mutant creature by himself. But even though the little runt was a freak of nature who else can a father count on when the baby sitter needs a double stuffing. ""That's my boy!"" Sperm In A Bottle: It's been a wonderful vacation for our European visitor. Jogging through the Ozark mountains sounded like a blast. But this ain't Europe baby! Out here in the backwoods is the panty sniffer boys. They're so deranged they'll shove a funnel up your mouth so you don't miss a single drop of cum. Floaters: Cops call them floaters. Bodies found floating in water. So picture the surprise of Terri, who finds a couple of them in her swimming pool. Seeing three naked men, Terri starts to fantasize about just how stiff a body can get. It's enough to raise the dead. Crazy Skulls III: It's back to the valley of crazy skulls. This time a stranded, motorist...
Belladonna continues a winning streak with this 2-disc set. Sascha schools Bella in German-style fucking, Naomi orders up two foot-long hot dogs (and supplies the buns) and Missy Monroe sprays a milk enema.
Get your fill of gang bangs and orgies with this latest release from Simon Wolf Productions. These girls are hot to trot and it shows.
Categories: Gonzo, Hardcore
The sex drive on these sluts is just incredible. They want to suck and fuck all day long. And when you are watching, it just make them more horny. Enjoy!
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