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Buck Adams

Buck Adams

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Categories: Hardcore
Profile: Nina Cherry - This filthy whore is very verbal. She likes big cocks in her mouth and ass. Dislikes soft dicks and timid men. Profile: Raquel and Brook - These two whores love sex. Watch them gobble up this black cock as if their lives depended on it! Profile: Montana Gunn - Now this white trash whore loves talking with her mouth full. Watch as her ass gets plugged and she screams for more. Wow, what a slut. Profile: Brook Ashley - I must admit, this girl is my personal favorite. She has a filthy fuckin' mouth and just loves cock. You name it, she does it with a big fuckin' smile on her face. You've just gotta love this dirty whore!
Categories: Hardcore
TRUE CRIME is a series that delves into a look at crime itself. We have a lineup of hard sex and crime stories that will knock the socks off anybody that enjoys this genre. This series is reminiscent of the old detective magazines made in the 50's and 60's that used to be hidden in the back of your dad's closet. Now it's your turn to carry on the family tradition.
Categories: Classics, Pornstars
Win-A-Date: Marilyn plays an eager-to-please grand prize that shy, contest-winner, Harry Reems has a hard time accepting. Olympics: Only Marilyn could dream up this wild, sexual spoof, as she takes on stiff competition for Freestyle Sex gold. Babysitter: Marilyn remembers how she and a gal-pal were babysitting and showed her boss that 'sleeping on the job' can be a good thing. Sex Therapist: An inhibited young couple seek Marilyn's hands-on expertise in a hot session.
Categories: Anal, Teens 18+, Hardcore
What you do when... He's already got a girlfriend! Kissing and flirting... Do you know the tricks? Truth or dare... When to draw the line!
Steve's Dad Touched Me: He asked me over, he said it was important. His son was bragging to all his friends that we had done it! He asked me if Steve had ever touched me down there in my special spot. I didn't know what to say, especially when I felt his fingers inside my panties! Love Potion: Two college kids stumble onto the find of the century - Love potion 10. The school's hottest cheerleader is set to be the first victim...Reefer Madness: A couple of potheads in search of the perfect high find the perfect hallucination - two nineteen year old ripe beauties going at it- in front of them!!! Blue Balls: She was obsessed with him. He was married...He fought the temptation, but in the end, who in their right mind could resist her sweet nineteen year old pussy?
Categories: Anal, Compilation
This movie features the hottest fucking and sucking talents in porn. Ever wanted to look down into a woman's colon and spit a big fuckin' loogey? If you're that kind of sick fuck you need this video like a junkie needs smack! It's filled with chicks assholes spread wide open Grand Canyon style!
Categories: Spoof, Uniforms, Outdoors
For a while now, lifeguards Buck Adams and Kelly Jaye have been an item. They've got a lot going for their relationship, including a lot of erotic chemistry, as we see in their opening pairing. But then things go sour, and Kelly dumps poor Buck. It's not like Buck to take no for an answer, however, and he's determined to get Kelly back. In the Meanwhile, there's plenty of sultry action going on amid the dunes. Stephanie Swift and John Decker collide on the shore for one of the tape's hottest pairings, and Latina lesbian sensation Felecia takes April out on the water for the kind of girl/girl pairing that rewind buttons were invented for. In the end, Buck and Kelly reunite for an explosive closing segment, and things are back to normal at the beach.
Dirty whores with dirty mouths! Excuse me mister, but can you shove your cock in my ass? I'm a foul mouthed whore, so fuck you!
Categories: Hardcore
I'm A filthy slut so shut up and fuck me. I need cocks in my mouth I have a oral fixation.
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
When Zane challenged Ashlyn Gere, the most highly charged sexual animal in adult video, to indulge her innermost fantasies, her response was, shall we say, most enthusiastic. But, what resulted surpassed even our deepest expectations. It seems that this sultry lady has an imagination matched only by her insatiable sexual appetite. Join Ashlyn on a non-stop roller coaster through her devilish psyche, from her first-ever anal experience, to an incredible romp with a strapping black stud, and culminating in a mind-blowing bachelor party, where she provides the oral entertainment for eight rowdy guys. Remember when they just jumped out of cakes? Once you and Ashlyn have caught your breath after an unprecedented 14 climatic eruptions, you'll be grateful that she made her fantasies?.Realities! It's the Ashlyn you've only dreamt of. Really.
Categories: Classics
'Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at porn like you've never seen before! Hosts Buck Adams and Raven take you around a classic porn set and show you some of the greatest sex scenes unedited and in full hilarity! Who knew making porn could be so much fun? I think we all did!'
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Fetish
Demented tales for all you pervs out there. Part 17..Get Ready..
Categories: Hardcore
100% cash craving cuties! You've gotta flash some 'Grants' to get in their pants!
This 15th volume contains all the classic young girl anal action that has made this series a multiple award winner! Young girls who are barely over 18 get assfucked for your viewing pleasure. It's delightful! Young whores drilled in their puckered shitholes. It's really splendid! Hey, they're young & they love anal. They're the perfect women for you! Sing & rejoice! Nubile young, pink, tender assholes and pussies get drilled out for your viewing pleasure!
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
For deeper pleasures...and darker fantasies...she wants anal climax! These women look for their deepest desires they didn't think they had, resulting in a sexual romp that ends with an Anal Climax!
Johnny Wadd Holmes is more popular now than ever! See why this adult film legend's infamous erection is larger than life!
Johnny Wadd Holmes is more popular now than ever! See why this adult film legend's infamous erection is larger than life!
Johnny Wadd Holmes is more popular now than ever! See why this adult film legend's infamous erection is larger than life!
School?s out for the girls and a long semester of intense studies has taken its tole on their luscious young bodies. They?re looking for some real action when they run into a travel agent who has just the medicine. He?s got a bunch of buddies up on the Delta that haven?t been around girls in a long time and they?re hot to trot. When the two get together the skirts start flying in this exciting summer of lust and excitement. Plenty of sex is in the offering as well as an exciting treasure hunt that turns out to be the real thing.
The golden age of adult is back and better than ever. Rescued from the vault, you can see John Holmes in some of his last performances. What happens to a wild playboy when he wins the lottery? A great script, an unbelieveable cast and a rare opportunity to see Nikki Charm in all her glory, as this movie was made at the height of her career! John's whopping example of manhood is a mystery that will only be revealed when you watch Lottery Lust.
The golden age of adult is back and better than ever! Rescued from the vault and now you can see John Holmes in some of his last performances! Shot on location in Marina Del Rey, California, John plays a hip investigator in this parody of the famous television show. Yachts, beautiful locations, top talent and an intriguing story of sex, drugs and rock n' roll all add up to one super adult movie. Marina Vice comes alive once again in vibrant colors and beautiful sound.
Profile: Zoe - What can be said about a super genius like Zoe? She is very health conscious. When she goes out whorin', she makes her guys wear condoms. Profile: Danille - Yesterday, a prima Donna; today, a foul mouthed fuck hole. It's just great to see Dannille transform into a true anal pig. I always thought this was one hot slut, and now she even gets fucked in the ass. Profile: Lennox - If you love skanks that can achieve a gaping anus, then Lennox is your kind of girl. It's just great to see her asshole spread wide open for all the world to see. You just know it's begging for a huge cock to be put inside of it, and it's a wish that will be granted. Profile: Randi Storm - This little piggy just loves to screw. Whether it's sucking cock, or getting ass fucked, she's more than happy to grant you your perverted pleasures. This bitch is a true Gutter Mouth.
Categories: Classics, Fetish, Mature
Native American sexstress, Janette Littledove, turns in a fabulously erotic performance as we look inside the fantasies of one of the hottest women in 80's porn. Janette acts out her most highly charged dreams with everyone from Jerry Butler, the sensational Lauryl Canyon, Kirian Minelli and real-life hubby Buck Adams gets in on the action too! The results are some of the hottest, most nasty moments ever filmed! Take a peek... we think you'll agree!
During the Golden Age of adult John C Holmes created a character known to all adult cinema fans as Johnny Wadd. John Holmes actually became synonymous with Johnny Wadd the ultimate bad ass, hard living, skirt chasing detective in the mold of dirty harry and sam spade. In the return of Johnny Wadd, Holmes reprised the role that made him a legendary adult star. The return of Johnny Wadd is a definite must have collectors film, not only for it's historical value but for the big budget, high quality production that features the most famous names in the adult cinema business it's a timeless classic that adam and eve pictures is proud to present.
One day Betty is a naive young girl looking for her big break, the next she's the pin up starlet who starts a revolution. Making ends meet has never been so sexy!
Watch these big booty girls get fucked one by one.
Anal, multiple D.P.'s, and multiple facial cum shots! "I'm not a whore, I just play one on T.V.!" How much black dick can one white whore handle? Watch and see as this cum covered whore gets her asshole gaped!
Categories: Pornstars, Hardcore
For those who want...the nastiest, dirtiest down right perverted DVD footage allowed by law. Leeanna gets down and dirty releasing an over abundance of sexual energy that will leave you "raw" to the bone!
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