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Eric Masterson

Eric Masterson

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'The sheriff of Diablo City is as crooked as they come. He has a plan to steal a valuable deed from a woman by wrongfully accusing her of murder and having her hanged. After an impromptu rescue, four women find themselves both outlaws and unlikely friends in a race against time.'
Categories: Anal, Lesbian, Orgy, Threesomes
'Once a year, some of the hottest men and women on the planet get together for an event like no other. Its an evening of decadence and debauchery that only a select few are lucky enough to attend. Consider this your invitation to join Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, and the rest of this amazing cast for a night of sex and sin. Prepare to have your deepest, darkest fantasies fulfilled... Welcome to the annual SINNERS BALL.'
Categories: Couples, Feature
'The sheriff of Diablo City is as crooked as they come. He has a plan to steal a valuable deed from a woman by wrongfully accusing her of murder and having her hanged. After an impromptu rescue, four women find themselves both outlaws and unlikely friends in a race against time.'
Saturated with desire, bodies glistening from exhaustion, Playgirl brings you tales of love and lust drenched in fantasies of the heart. Go ahead, Dive in.
Categories: Couples, Lesbian, Feature
'Detective Alicia Wallace (Asa Akira) is a valuable and respected officer on the LAPD until her husband is murdered. With a crime hitting so close to home and no leads in sight, accusations begin to fly. Even her own partner suspects something is amiss. When an escaped criminal resurfaces, no one is prepared for just how deep the deception runs.'
n this world the women wear the pants... but not for very long! Jessica Drake sizzles in this dark satire of what the world would be like if it was run by the 'fairer' sex. Poker, cigars, strip clubs are just everyday things for these women. Another thing they crave is sex...and they aren't about to put up with any whining from the men in their lives. When they want it, they get it.
How far would you go to get shot at the big time? When a young film-maker has to decide between making his dream movie and the porn masterpiece his financier is looking for, his priorities are in for a bit of a shuffle. Of course, when you add the luscious Keri Sable to the mix, the results are bound to be magic. Can you say 'Lights, Camera...Action!'?
Categories: Feature, Pornstars
Tony and Jackie, two struggling musicians, are witness to gangland activity and made to go into hiding. To disguise their identity, they dress as women and get jobs in an all-girl strip band. The owner of the club turns out to be the very hood they are trying to elude. To add to the excitement, Tony falls in love with Honey, the band's heavy-hootered, magnificent blond bombshell. Tony and Jackie risk their lives for LOVE ON THE RUN!
Categories: Feature
A sex comedy spoofing some of the most loved horror flicks of our era. From the mind of Wicked Pictures' award winning director Jonathan Morgan comes this horror movie spoof that's packed with beautiful busty babes, unexplainable circumstances and outrageous situations that all lead to plenty of hot sex of course. Kirsten and Megan (Stormy and Jessica Drake) are two college students headed to a concert with a group of friends, when along the way the gang accidentally runs over a homeless drifter in the road, or was it a moose or a deer? As the gang soon finds out, nope, it wasn't a deer, it definitely was a homeless dude and soon they begin dying one by one? Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre, a comedy of horrific proportions...
Categories: Couples, Feature
'April (Stormy Daniels) and Michael (Danny Mountain) have a picture perfect marriage. Then one night, a terrible car accident changes everything especially April. Once being released from the hospital, she begins to spiral out of control. Convinced she has just found a new zest for life, April begins to experiment sexually. As time goes on, her husband suspects something much more sinister is happening. Will he find the answer in time or will April's impulses be her demise ...?'
Categories: Compilation, Teens 18+
Listen to daddy and take care of that cock! 16 hours of younger girls spreading wide and giving these older guys some tight, poon action! Usually daddy will give these girls are ride home, but in this case these girls are ridding daddy, giving him a fuck that they will never forget!
Categories: Feature, Hardcore
Caught unawares by a raging midlife crisis, Gary (Steven St. Croix) finds himself adrift in a sea of lust and jealousy when his stepdaughter (Candi Summers) brings her best friend Lola (Violet Blue) home for the holidays. His marriage to his wife Helen (Katie Morgan) already crippled by his blind jealousy, Gary falls head over heels for the pretty, Shakespeare-quoting drama student, but is he willing to give up his life, his wife, his reputation and his pride for a taste of the forbidden fruit? As his struggles sink him deeper into a morass of immorality and sin, he finds that the innocent Lola may not be the naif he thinks she is. Acclaimed director D. Cypher blends Shakespeare, dirty sex, comedy and a nod to great literature and uses the viewpoints of three different characters to guide our tour through one man's greatest fantasy and his worst nightmare.
Categories: Hardcore, Pornstars
Everyone has needs. Every person desires. Some are up front for all to see... But the lust that simmers underneath threatening to bubble over and the cries of passion unfulfilled remain locked up, yearning to be set free by powers so strong we must consent to unconditional surrender. Let yourself go. Set your passions free. Give in to most primal of needs, surrender now to the sexual seduction...
Categories: Feature
When Samantha (Jessica Drake) reopens the tomb of Neferkala (Kaylani Lei) first discovered 20 years earlier by her father (Randy Spears), she releases a sexual animal that has survived through millennia. Far from her Egyptian resting place, Neferkala hunts for her eternal love Nomron. Joined by Samantha, the two insatiable women set forth on an erotic search to satisfy their thirst for love and lust, culminating in a most decadent excavation of the immortal heart.
Out of all five senses, taste is surely the most arousing... After all, we use our mouths to kiss, to suck, to lick... To taste. Join jessica drake as she savors all kinds of flavors - from sticky sweet cotton candy with Kirsten Price, to a backyard BBQ cook off, to a veritable feast of flesh at a dinner party where everyone leaves satisfied. Hungry? Then bring your appetite because these girls don't just have good taste, they're TASTY.
Categories: Feature
Stormy plays Miranda, a beautiful and successful advertising executive who has everything going for her, except love. Melancholy, due to a recent break up with her long-time boyfriend Kyle, Miranda is a little wary of dating again and shuns the advances of most men who show an interest in her. All that changes though when Jake, a handsome musician moves in next door. Soon Miranda finds herself slowly falling for Jake despite all her efforts to avoid falling in love again with the wrong guy and setting herself up for heartache. What Miranda soon discovers though is that when it comes to love, sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with? Neighbors, sometimes love is right next door!
'Riley Steele shines in Axel Brauns campy sci-fi parody as Barbarella, a highly sexual astronaut assigned with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Co-starring Wicked Pictures contract star Asa Akira as The Great Tyrant, and even featuring a cameo by porn legend Tera Patrick, Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is a fun, sexy, big-budget spoof that will take you on a psychedelic ride to discover the joys of intergalactic sex!'
Categories: Spoof, Feature
After the extraordinary success of SPIDER-MAN XXX, award-winning director Axel Braun and world leader Vivid Entertainment join forces once again for a new high-budget, sexy, superhero-themed spoof. Featuring the most complete Avengers line-up ever brought to the screen, and all the painstaking attention to detail that fans have come to expect from Braun`s work, THE AVENGERS XXX is another delightfully entertaining labor of love that will please even the most hardcore comic book more ways than one. The XXX Super Hero team up of a lifetime! They've teamed up to pull the world back from the brink of disaster... and do some serious fuckin' while they're at it!
Categories: Latinas, Teens 18+, Feature
These dark-skinned senioritas are lost and need help desperately. Watch as a few lucky men reap the benefits of being in the right place at the right time!
Categories: Couples, Feature, Outdoors
'It's the hardest decision of her life: will she play it safe or will she follow her heart? Caught between two great loves from different worlds, Samantha must make the hardest decision of her life - marrying for love or sticking to the world she's always known!'
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
Your walls never looked this good. They were made to be decorated.
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
After another dreadful date, Laurie (jessica drake) decides to put her bad experiences to good use and help others. She starts a dating consulting biz to help men and women find romance. She finds success in helping others... But can she help herself?
Categories: Fetish, Hardcore
Everyone's got their secret little fetish. Sneak a peek at her lace panties, grab an eyeful of his leather belt? The heart begins to race and your libido takes over. Grab that strap and hold on, because this ride runs the gamut from flirty to seductive, from hard to soft, from playful to pounce, from leather to lace...
Categories: Feature
You can't see them, but you can hear them. Constantly. Whispers that shout so loud. It'll drive you insane. Julia Ann and Jezebelle Bond provide a couple sultry voices of rapture along with a star studded cast, sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck rise and take notice. A beautifully shot piece of erotic art, destined to be a classic. Evil comes in many voices. Which one would you listen to?
Categories: Spoof, Feature
America's most loved (and hated) television family is back. This time in triple-x glory! This horny homage follows the carnality and corruption of the infamous Ewing oil dynasty. From J.R.'s evil antics to sue Ellen's over-the-top drama to Lucy's constant craving for cock.. All your favorites are back and in on the action!
Nurses as you've never seen them before in this adult comedy from Wicked Wall to Wall.
'ASA AKIRA, 3-time Female Performer of the Year and perennial fan favorite marks her debut film as a Wicked Contract Star and if it's possible is more Wicked than ever! The Asian Superstar pushes the XXX envelope, as every scene sports a jaw-dropping ANAL or DOUBLE PENETRATION! With Asa as: masseuse, sexy flight attendant, a naughty enema nurse plus much, much more! This movie rocks the 'yankability' meter! ASA (definitely) GETS WICKED!'
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