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Jamie Gillis

Jamie Gillis

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Jamie Gillis Porn Movies (30 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Classics, Threesomes
Starring: Jamie Gillis
When two strangers who have car trouble knock on the door, Barbara, a horny teenager, is ready to greet them. These folks don't know how lucky they are to have broken down outside a house filled with such horny people! Watch as the parents, the teenager, the two stranded strangers and even the mechanic who shows up to fix the car fuck in a variety of combinations in this classic film from 1973.
What were you doing in 1962? Worrying about missiles in Cuba? Wondering about Camelot in Washington? New York, 1962. Meet the gang at The Bitter End. They lived like the French, and they loved like the Greeks.
Categories: Fantasy, Pornstars, Hardcore
Lisa DeLeeuw plays a merry mermaid who can't seem to avoid amorous entanglements when she slithers up onto land. The fun starts when John Leslie and Jamie Gillis go to a nudist camp to check out the scene. Leslie ends up in the clinch with the uptight administrator who tries to run them off. Meanwhile, the mermaid has been hiding out with cutie Ginger Lynn. Jamie Gillis tries to get to the bottom of the mermaid mystery, but ends up treating marine biologist Amber Lynn to a fiery fling in her lab! The flick reaches its climax when Leslie encounters the mermaid in an interspecies tussle that's a wet and wild treat. Filled with luscious young beauties, this one ranks as one of the series' best entries.
Have you ever picked out a video because there was girl in it that you thought had a great ass, but when you got the video home and played it, you found out that the damn cameraman never got a good shot of that girl's ass? Well I have, many times, and I hate it. Finally I can point the camera where I want to and keep it there without having to worry about disturbing the flow of a scene, because that's the whole point of the video. I play a cameraman for hire who can't resist getting his camera on the floor and shooting up at gorgeous bottoms, even when I'm not supposed to. This obsession of mine gets me in lots of trouble. I've found some beauties for this movie. Take a look at: Dutch bombshell Tanya de Vries, voluptuous Heather Torrance, Sascha Strange's and Champange's incredible big round cheeks, Tianna's and Bionca's sweet firm little buns, and finally Tracey Adam's big perfectly curved round butt. All these butts are thoroughly caressed by my camera. There's some anal, even more...
Categories: Classics, Feature, Pornstars
She's been framed, shamed and thrown in jail for a crime she never committed. But Tori Welles is going to have the ultimate sexual revenge. And it's going to be sweet! From white-hot lesbian lust behind bars to a sizzling courtroom scene of juicy judicial justice, Tori is Trouble! Join her on a non-stop sexual quest to nail the man who fingered her. And you know TORI... she always gets her man!
Categories: Black, Classics, Feature
Clarissa, Pepper, and Nicole have been taken by Poker and shackled to a wall. Will anyone save them? You bet! Enter BLACKMAN to the rescue! He's blacker than night and longer than day. He convinces Poker of the error of his ways, and speeds off into the sunset in his BlackMobile.
Leeland Keller (Jamie Gillis) has a mystical encounter when a beautiful woman (played by Desiree Lane) looks deeply into his soul, a look that would drive him to the brink of sexual madness. Watch as Lee must now go to extremes to find pleasure. His descent into madness includes hot orgies with sexually addicted mental patients, gang bangs, and bondage but nothing will satisfy his increasing madness.
Welcome to Anytown. Where nothing happens. And everything happens! Jeremy Dayton's around to promote his latest monster epic at the last picture show. Sure he was once a major star, but these days he's a major loser, staging wild pranks to sell stripped down pictures to small town audiences. But when he grabs Nikki Tyler, he gets a lot more than he ever bargained for -- that's for sure. Paul Thomas presents Bobby Sox, a film that AVN called "stunning, imaginative, arresting... a sexual joyride of eccentricity and wit. This must be Vivid's Crown Jewel. " Then they said what they haven't said in years: "10." If you only see one film this year, see the one that matters. Bobby Sox. A monster film, about a monster film! "Best Film" - 1997 AVN Awards
The man, the myth, the legendary cock! John Holmes in some of his most fucktastic scenes. VCA Pictures brings you their must-have John Holmes classics on DVD for the first time!
Fasten your seatbelts for an arousing adventure. The platinum Princess of Erotica is your gorgeous guide to the boldest, bawdiest, and best of her sizzling career in The Seka Story. No one can do it like Seka - but when she?s teamed up with Aunt Peg and Jamie Gillis the results are outrageous. John Leslie demonstrates his hard pounding prowess on our luscious lass, while legendary John Holmes has not one but three Seka encounters that send the Richter scale rolling.
Categories: Classics, Feature, Pornstars
Amanda Heather is a high-class call girl trying to go straight. A last 'favor' for a former pimp/lover results in the problems for one of Amanda's young prostitute friends and she is drawn into a spiral of brutality, corruption, violent sensuality, and ever-building tension as trouble stalks her. Amanda's emotions are brought to the boiling point by the persistent, tormenting questions of Detective Ambrose Harte as he struggles to solve the case and free Amanda from the treacherous web that is her 'working' life.
Categories: Classics, Hardcore
Successful director joe has hit rock bottom in his life. his girl has left him, he's turned into an alcoholic, and his creative talent is in shambles. His friend, to snap him out of it, bets him he can't direct an adult x-rated film. Joe accepts and gets involved in the wild world of XXX. When joe arrives at the mansion location, he sees through a telescope the woman of his dreams. She dances a deep and sensual dance that awakens Joe and inspires his creative fire.
Categories: Classics
We always knew Marilyn was insatiable, but wait to you see this one! In part duex, we find Sandra Chase (Marilyn Chambers) is now a big time movie star with all the "fringe benefits" that go along with stardom. Journalist Morgan Templeton (Juliet Anderson) convinces her editor to let her do an in-depth interview with the star. She gets her interview alright, plus a few of Sandra's "benefits". A hot followup to a great movie!
Categories: Feature, Hardcore
In one of her most erotic projects to date, Veronica Hart directs the "Still Insatiable" Marilyn Chambers in a tale of unleashed sexuality, raw desire and hypnotic fantasy brought to fruition. Join Marilyn as she is introduced to a world where nothing is unattainable and inhibitions no longer exist. A world where the word "No" is in your control, but the word "Continue..." holds the real power
Categories: Classics
A dead woman's diary helps a detective piece together what appears to get a senseless killing. A brother and sister are prime suspects. Based on the classic film Laura, this film delves into the personal sex lives of all the people who intimately knew the beautiful, sexy woman.
Categories: Classics, Feature
A powerful New York attorney hires a private investigation company to spy on his cheating lover, Holly. Knowing she always frequents a certain room for her sexual rendezvous he asks them to video tape the activities. The private detectives get more than an eye full as Holly and others get off next door.
Categories: Classics, Big Tits
An intimate glimpse into the major leagues of sex ? is the theme of this fast paced, fast action sports classic ? featuring some of the adult industry's most sensational stars of the day! Vanessa Del Rio shines along with Serena, Gloria Leonard, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Marlene Willoughby and others in this all time Arrow classic.
Categories: Classics
Put money in my mouth once. My mother immediately yelled, "Get that out of your mouth! It's dirty! Moron!" Bless her soul. It's okay though, it didn't even taste good. In this case, for some inexplicable reason, the taste of money is extremely appealing. Cum and get your taste!
Categories: Lesbian, Feature
This it is one of the most impressive movies ever made for capturing a strong sense of eroticism with interesting characters and story, and is very deserving of the highest rating anyone could give it. The film is a constant turn-on. The sex is always hot, with the performers exuberant and excited about making love.
Categories: Classics, Anal
Tight forbidden passages are the home of sick perverted desires. How do we dare enter that dark alley? But we do and out of the shadows a plaintive voice laments: "where do you find a warm loving, intelligent, wonderful girl...who loves to take it up the ass?" Bottom, butt, rear - by any name, it's what we hold dear!
Categories: Hardcore
Crazy, kinky, hot sex like only Alex DeRenzy can create! The ladies in this movie get hypnotized, gangbanged, and attacked by horny men who need some pussy bad! Through all the deceit, the women put on a smile; horizontally and vertically!
It's the erotic classic! You're in for a hot and juicy joyride of steamy, sizzling sex when you witness the amorous adventures of three gorgeous angels. Heavenly Annette Haven leads the passionate pack on a randy rampage of undercover activity. These naughty nymphs have a shocking arsenal of torrid tricks to get what they want...and if they don't - watch out! With these hot girl-girl encounters you'll find these angels use their bodies just as well as their minds!
Categories: Classics, Hardcore
Nick and Nora Chalmers (John Leslie and Gina Carrera) write mystery novels?steamy, sexy mystery novels. In search of plots for their next book, they travel to Europe to experience the passion, desire and intrigue on the legendary Orient X-Press. Once on board, they discover a cast of shady (and horny) characters ? including a potent potentate and his hand job handmaiden, horny Colonel Kittridge, and the anything-but-lady ? like Lady Ashley and her sex-starved secretary ? all plotting to steal a priceless diamond. 'The Eye of Eros'. It's a four-day erotic adventure where it's not whodunit, but who's doing it, that counts.
Categories: Classics, Pornstars
She's probably the most famous erotic actress ever, the insanely oversexed blonde goddess Seka. She loves boys, she loves girls, she loves herself? Face it, she just loves sex! She's Blonde. She's Built. She's Beautiful. See why she'll always get our vote as the nastiest of the nasty! Seka we love you and so does everyone else too!
Starring: Jamie Gillis
Pandora goes to an antique furniture store and discovers a remarkable mirror. The owner won't sell it; he claims it's possessed. But she insists, and the owner allows her to "borrow" it for a few days. When she gets home, she stares into the mirror and discovers that it shows her sexual episodes that took place throughout the ages. This elegant, high-class entertainment presents a variety of costume sex-dramas and some wonderfully kinky action.
The total sexual animal of erotica is now exposed for your delicious defilement. Picture incredible Tori Welles, spread eagle on the video screen...naked, quivering and waiting for the big one! You are the erotic intruder as scene after scene of wanton wildness is probed and pounded into sizzling submission! Nothing is sacred in this awesome Violation Of Tori Welles. The lusty lady wouldn't have it any other way!
In the continuing story of Flesh & Laces, devilish Dad once again tunes in to the sex competition between his four adult children on his closed circuit monitor. Just as #2 son is finishing up his first performance, a persistent missionary girl arrives at his doorstep. Soon the evangelist has a religious experience as the never satisfied stud fills her spirit to overflowing. Back at the hospital, Dad watches more sexcapades until Dr. Pecker (John Holmes) examines the patient and prescribes special treatment by the Head Nurse. Catching her carnal client in the act, Attorney Tamara joins the party ? as do Dr. Pecker and the hospital staff ? in a group sex scene that works medical miracles. In the end, everyone's a winner, as Dad is completely cured. Soon the kids, Dad, Tamara, and the Head nurse, all move back to the family mansion to live in everlasting erotic ecstasy. Part 1 is hot, part 2 sizzles ? both are guaranteed to keep you up!
Harry, a self-made millionaire, is dying, but before he goes, he wants to see some heavy-duty Flesh and Laces! No problem! Only one of his four adult children can inherit the family fortune, by 'entertaining' old Dad in an erotic contest via closed circuit TV. Quickly, the race gets off with a bang in the wildest sexual competition ever! In the first round, #1 son tries to fire his dad's imagination by doing some imaginative pencil sharpening with his new secretary. #2 son demonstrates his artistic endowments on a dazzling model while little sister Joyce spreads herself thin (and thick) on three of her dad's drinking buddies. Finally, #3 son three tries to top everyone in a hot three-way when two sizzling policewomen decide they have better things to blow than the whistle on him. With the provocative help of his alluring attorney, Tamara, the amorous antics help raise dad's vital signs. Turning in his television, the 2nd battle of the excesses is about to start in Flesh & Laces II.
Categories: Classics, Feature
Harry Reems and Darby Lloyd Raines are a couple who have built up a thriving business around each's ability to satisfy lovers of the opposite sex. They started out with a plain ol escort service, but soon found out they could make more cash doing the kinky stuff. So now they specialize in supplying well-paying customers with customized sexual service.
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