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Jay Ashley

Jay Ashley
Jay, Jay Down, Shady O'Toole ,
Jan 11, 1971 (43 yrs)
United States
1993-Present (22 yrs)
180 cm / 5'10
Left ear, tongue, left nipple
Astrological symbol for
capricrn right bicep, outer right leg just above ankle

About Jay Ashley


Jay Ashley Porn Movies (186 Sex Videos in total)

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The very essence of an Asian girl is pure sex, five Asian babes with no innocence at all. Anal, DP, and more hot and sultry Asian hotties that give all there is in this hardcore trip through Asia's holes. Join Kat in a nasty DP and Layla as she takes on Lee's massive Stone. Plus much more Asian wreckage!
In this second issue of Puritan, we bring you the directorial talents of Jim Powers and Al Borda, two directors who know how to deliver the goods with plenty of anal, DPs, three on ones and fetish action. We also bring you the hottest females in the business.
Categories: Mature
Old whores just try harder!
Categories: Latinas, Gangbang
Welcome to our special 'exotic girlz' edition. Sabine and Lyla are Hawaiian, and Sabina is Mexican. All three have beautiful brown skin, chocolate nipples and roast beef pussy lips. Mmm-mmm good! But these dishes are missing one thing: cream filling! That's where the five mooks come in. They are led out of the alleys and into the studio, blinking defensively under the bright lights. They are told to fill the pretty young girl before them with their genetic waste. Only when the girl is overflowing with their sperm cells can she consider her purpose in life fulfilled
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
Categories: Bisexual
When the wife's dick-sucking skills prove to be a bit under par, these husbands decide to educate them on how to properly swallow cock. What better teacher than a dude? Guys know how to get the job done, and will show these wives all the secrets to becoming a great cock-sucker.
'Truth or dare... are you ready to go all the way? Sex tips on how to get his cock all the way in! Do you know what it takes to be cool?'
Categories: Fetish
Puritan presents five Perverted Passions that will take you deeper and harder, faster, each act of passion more alarming than the last. So take a deep breath, and dive into a sea of hot sex, and Perverted Passions...You'll never be the same!
Categories: Hardcore
Dear Puritan: Stories so shocking they could have only cum from you, our viewer. Girl Power: When three girlz get together for some sex play, they'll show you what real Girl Power is all about. L.A. Experience: New to the area and feeling lonely, Tigra meets Rodney who shows her around town and around his cock. Highland Penetration: Shot in Scottish Highlands, our little lassie meets two men and offer to clean their bagpipes
Categories: All Natural
The 'All Natural' series continues with hot new, natural girlz every time. If you thought the girlz in #6 were hot wait till you see these babes. They won't let you down! Give them a chance.
WELCOME to another of UNIVERSITY CO-EDS. As usual we have a lineup of fresh, hot, barely legal schoolgirl peehole that will leave you drooling and panting like an old coon dog. Hell, these chicks are so hot, after watching you might be tempted to pump your neighbor's leg. Our opening scene has the girlish Kate Foster telling of her experience with our own obnoxious Hershel Savage. When I interviewed her, and she stripteased for us, I just about cried when I saw how bald her girlhole was. Sweet! I walked around with a tentpole in my pants for at least an hour till my boner subsided. Take my word for it. She's hot! Scene Two has Claudia reliving her experience with an upset motorist whom she has bumped into. With her insurance maxed out on points and him threatening to call the police, she did what she had to which was to satisfy his sexual urges. Scene Three has cute-as-a-button Kitty telling of being seduced by a young, female teacher that loves pussy. Our final scene saves the...
This nasty flick has everything you want in an interracial feature: Hot black babes pounded by big white cocks in every hole...Over and Over!
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
Jane is a bright young girl who dreams of one day landing the perfect guy. When Bradley walks into her life, she wants to make it a fairy tale ending. The only thing standing in the way of her success is her lifetime tormentor, Emily. An all-star cast scorches the screen with some of the hottest scenes ever shot in this modern day tale of Cinderella.
Categories: Fetish, S&M, Hardcore
If it doesn't hurt, it's not true love!
The best of Jenna Haze: Before she signed a contract with a "couples" video company and became boring, Jenna Haze was one of the hottest, nastiest chicks ever to tear through a porn flick. From those tiny size ? 5 ? feet to those beautiful, cock-sucking lips, Jenna is a stroker's dream cum true! Beautiful as a supermodel and nasty as a two-bit whore. She loves to be submissive, and can never get enough cum in her mouth or on her face. She's one Kick Ass Chick!
The eighth edition of this endlessly erotic series once again comes through with gorgeous young women in sexy glasses. The opener stars naturally delicious Malorie Marx as a new P.R. girl at Tony Tedeschi's firm. Tony finally figures out a way to get inside her skirts, treating the sexy brunette babe to a randy romp. Next, sports agent Daisy gets all hot and bothered when confronted with the athletic charms of her client Cheyne Collins. HMO Administrator Austin O'Riley looks especially tasty in her little business suit, and medico Herschel Savage can't resist her sultry charms -- not that he tries very hard! Busty beauty Melanie Jagger turns in the flick's best scene, playing an auditor who gets down and dirty with client Jay Ashley. Melanie's luscious natural curves get lots of sassy screen time as she works Jay into a frenzy. The finale stars Zora Banks, a curvaceous blonde bombshell who sports some fabulicious curves of her own. Zora and Pat Myne engage in another heated humdinger....
Teen girls and their silly little games. We all know this game...who can swallow the most spunk. Normally, most girls tease you and leave you with swollen nuts from ordinary sex. But, these fuck sluts are professionals and they don't stop playin' until every sack is drained!
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
His car broke down. He needed a place to stay overnight. How could he have predicted the erotic and forbidden night that lay ahead with the farmer's daughter.
Categories: Gonzo, Hardcore
Diamond in her very first scene, and she gets her ass pounded! Next is Hustler 2002 beaver hunt winner Natalia Wood and she goes hardcore! Summer Love gets her cute young ass ravaged. Little Jasmine Lynn gets an unexpected huge cock up her ass! And last but not least is Ashley Moore and Saphire Rae who went to the extreme for cock-service.
These filthy little teens know how to screw and suck like a good girl should. Young, sweet and innocent with a secret craving for a big dick in their tight little pussies.
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
Chastity: Tired of following rules, this hot little chunk of pussy learns that nothing is for free in the brutal world... Upset at her folks, Chastity hits the streets in search of the American dream... Instead she finds a garage, a couple of bikers and that her asshole has more uses for it than going to the bathroom. Robbery: She wanted to run away from her folks. Her arrival in the city was marked by a robbery from a beautiful dyke who had no qualms about stealing all her worldly possessions, including her virginity and dignity. Rock Starr: Who would have thought that I would end up as a rock star's groupie? To think that my folks thought that I wouldn't amount to anything. Hmmm... I wonder if a fuck toy is an honorable profession? Fake I.D.: What happens when a runaway steals I.D. from her mother and hits the nearest bar? The bartender, sensing the validity of the ID is false, makes her pay for her indiscretion with a lesson she won't soon forget - a thorough ass reaming. The Long...
Categories: Feature, Pornstars
Rick (Marcus London) embarks on his bachelor party night with an enthusiastic attitude, determined to enjoy his last night of freedom with his buddies (Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, Jay Ashley). But somewhere along the way things get out of hand. After picking up a stranded and sultry motorist, Sondra (Stormy Daniels), a wild night ensues. Strip clubs, sex parties, hookers, the time of his life. Until the next morning when Rick finds himself in the middle of a terrifying situation. Someone is blackmailing him, but the ransom is more than he can pay. Now he must decide whether telling the truth about what happened last night, is worth the price...
Categories: Nurses, Uniforms, Hardcore
Get ready for a descent into depravity like no other movie you have ever seen! Alec Metro brings you to a world of throbbing new music and underground sex...
Categories: Amateur, Hardcore
Welcome to another boiling hot issue of Virgin Stories. We have a combination of erotic first-time experiences and fresh, new pussy that will leave you boys drooling like an old hound dog!!! Our opening scene has the lovely Bolivia reliving her experience with a phone pervert, a pervert whose thirst for fresh twat is unquenchable. Scene two has Vanessa reminiscing about her first time. Feeling sick, she went home early from school to encounter her mother's boyfriend, who has his own ideas on how to make her feel better. Our third scene has the blonde bombshell Bianca telling of a boyfriend who doesn't know the first thing about pleasing a woman. Fortunately his father does. She soon discovers. Our final scene has the fresh, youthful Venus reliving her virgin experience with a fellow student during cheerleading practice. The ladies themselves aren't truly virgins, but their stories are. Virgin Stories explores the erotic world of virginity by re-enacting each girl's first time as true...
Watch as old grannies get fucked hard in an all out gangbang.
'Brace yourself for the most intense hardcore sex you will ever see. Watch the bitch Melissa punish these whores while the studs mop up the mess with a heavy dose of throat pounding and ferocious fucking!'
'Play dress up, be a whore like mommy. Is it wrong to like older men? 10 things to do when your ass gets blown out.'
Categories: Toys, Strap-Ons, Fem Dom
A love story of a different kind...
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Teens 18+
Stuff your ass, how to feed the need. How to get him to like you and no one else! True stories of 'The night he blew my ass out'. Your asshole, give it what it really wants!
Categories: Amateur, Nurses, Toys, Fetish, Reality
Another tale to titilate!
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