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Jay Ashley

Jay Ashley
Jay, Jay Down, Shady O'Toole ,
Jan 11, 1971 (44 yrs)
United States
1993-Present (23 yrs)
180 cm / 5'10
Left ear, tongue, left nipple
Astrological symbol for
capricrn right bicep, outer right leg just above ankle

About Jay Ashley


Jay Ashley Porn Movies (190 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Interracial
Come on, smile you whore... White trash, get down on you knees, it's time for Kink and Sodomy. What you are about to witness may shock and disturb you! Well, if you're a pervert like me that's a good thing. Whores don't come anymore white trash than this. These sluts do it all, with tons of anal, DP's, and spit dripping blow jobs. You know it's the shit you really want to see. These dumb whores degrade themselves over and over for your viewing pleasure.
Categories: Nurses, Uniforms, Hardcore
With all-out ass fucking, cream pies, nasty deep throats and massive facials, these nurses are fucking sick! Sit back as they make their raunchy rounds and let them cure your ills. You'll never look at a nurse the same way again!
Categories: Classics, Hardcore
No boring dialog, no dumb story line, just good classic porn the way you want to see it!
Categories: Gangbang
Sabrina Johnson is "The Ultimate Party Favor" as she sucks & continually fucks 2000 eager dudes in this raunchy romp! Featuring Dee & a cast of thousands, grab a number and get in line!!!
Categories: Classics, Feature
Somebody is murdering rich Beverly Hills ladies' men. The coppers have plenty of clues but at the same time are sort of, well, clueless. They know that each of the guys was injected with a drug which brings on cardiac arrest, and that they got the bejeesus boffed out of them less than an hour before their deaths. But other than that, L.A.'s finest have zilch. But now ace detective Jay Ashley is on the case, and he's got his eye on Kristi Myst as his prime suspect ? she's the wife of the first victim, who conveniently signed over his life insurance to the blonde sex machine minutes before moving on to the happy hunting ground. Trouble is, Jay's also got his eye on her for other reasons ? and who wouldn't? Ms. Myst exudes a four-alarm eroticism which has made her, in a relatively short time, one of the porn world's most talked-about performers. Also turning in mesmerizing sexual turns here are Sahara Sands and Micki Lynn. Erotica as it should always be.
These little cum junkies are jonesing for their next fix from a big fat cock. Watch them get their next fix and instantly crave more!
'How to deal witha gaping anus only a father could love. New studies show: Anal sex prevents colon cancer. Special report 10 things you must know about 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome'.'
'New studies prove perfect skin is just a facial cum shot away. PH.D. or D.P.- are your priorities in order? Are you ready for anal? Find out inside.'
'D.P.'s can be as easy as your ABC's. Find out how inside. Young and Anal Exclusive: Teach your guy how to make sweet love to your throat. What to do when everybody knows you're an asswhore!'
Categories: Hardcore
The title says it all! Part two cums back with five more hot chicks getting dicked hard in all ways. All of these girls love to get covered in cum. Don't miss Megan as she eats two cock fulls of cum from an ice cream cup, or Aurora's surprise 3-way with a hung dude and a blow-up doll! Freakin' kinky!
Categories: Anal
Sweet My Ass brought to you in Luvcore. Anarchy Films is proud to release Leah Luv's Directorial Debut, Sweet My Ass. Leah Luv is not that innocent! Luv invited all her friends to lose their innocence in a 100% all anal production. Watch Leah and Hillary taking turns on Jay Ashley's dick. Also watch Leah taking two dicks in her ass and tight pussy at the same time. Amber, Alicia and Mia are begging for some hard ass pounding. Don?t get fooled by their good looks, their innocence is lost in Sweet My Ass.
6 Scenes, and over 2 hours! What can we say about Claire? Those pouty lips, that adorable hair, that Tennessee drawl! Did we mention that she's also a natural born slut? Claire retired from porn to go to college, and this serves as a great document of that short live career.
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
Categories: Fetish
I want you to realize that this training you will undergo will be intense. In fact, it will be the most intense thing you've ever undergone. At the end of this training you will refer to me as master!
This year's WGBA MVP AWARD goes to NIKITA DENICE! For her outstanding achievements in DEEP THROATING, ANAL SEX, DP'S (including DOUBLE VAGINAL), CUM EATING, and of course? BALL HANDLING! She's definitely arrived in the big league. Let us know what you think!
Categories: Feature, Pornstars
Sometimes temptation cannot be resisted! What lies are worth telling? What truths are worth hidding? What price are you willing to pay?
Categories: Amateur, Hardcore
Welcome to another boiling hot issue of Virgin Stories. We have a combination of erotic first-time experiences and fresh, new pussy that will leave you boys drooling like an old hound dog!!! Our opening scene has the lovely Bolivia reliving her experience with a phone pervert, a pervert whose thirst for fresh twat is unquenchable. Scene two has Vanessa reminiscing about her first time. Feeling sick, she went home early from school to encounter her mother's boyfriend, who has his own ideas on how to make her feel better. Our third scene has the blonde bombshell Bianca telling of a boyfriend who doesn't know the first thing about pleasing a woman. Fortunately his father does. She soon discovers. Our final scene has the fresh, youthful Venus reliving her virgin experience with a fellow student during cheerleading practice. The ladies themselves aren't truly virgins, but their stories are. Virgin Stories explores the erotic world of virginity by re-enacting each girl's first time as true...
'Truth or dare... are you ready to go all the way? Sex tips on how to get his cock all the way in! Do you know what it takes to be cool?'
'I'm only doing porn until I break into mainstream acting! It's tough to be respected as an actress in Hollywood! I feel like such a whore!'
WELCOME to another of UNIVERSITY CO-EDS. As usual we have a lineup of fresh, hot, barely legal schoolgirl peehole that will leave you drooling and panting like an old coon dog. Hell, these chicks are so hot, after watching you might be tempted to pump your neighbor's leg. Our opening scene has the girlish Kate Foster telling of her experience with our own obnoxious Hershel Savage. When I interviewed her, and she stripteased for us, I just about cried when I saw how bald her girlhole was. Sweet! I walked around with a tentpole in my pants for at least an hour till my boner subsided. Take my word for it. She's hot! Scene Two has Claudia reliving her experience with an upset motorist whom she has bumped into. With her insurance maxed out on points and him threatening to call the police, she did what she had to which was to satisfy his sexual urges. Scene Three has cute-as-a-button Kitty telling of being seduced by a young, female teacher that loves pussy. Our final scene saves the...
Categories: College Co-Eds
See what happens when the horny drama teacher wants to get his hands on the goodies! Hot little newcummer Michelle Marcel plays the wholesome little nymph.
Categories: Pregnant
I love pregnant women so much it hurts my cock every time one walks by. I can't get enough of them. They are so round and cuddly and their sexual drives are so strong in this time of their lives. This is what it is all about.
You? A Slut? You bet! Find out how inside! Summer job stress? Don't worry - you can have fun and get paid too!! You may have a cock in your ass right now? Find out the warning signs! Excuse me mister - but I want your cock in my ass! Pick Up Lines That Really Work! Enjoy sex fiends!
'Head for the Headless - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and the day the evil bishop chopped off Brianna's husband's head was definitely the worst. But eternal love transcends beyond the grave, and he shall rise again to save his beloved and take his revenge. And one last poke up his wife's ass while he's at it. 'Skin Head - Poor little Devlyn lost her ability to grow hair in a tragic schoolyard accident. Having exhausted all medical choices and holistic attempts her doctor recommends a drastic unapproved growth formula to restore her hair. Will it work? Will Devlyn be shopping for shampoo, or will they just fuck the living shit out of all her holes and leave her bald? 'Rat Attack - The place had been condemned for years when our little visitor, Dominica, arrived. Nothing but a home for the rats. And this little cutie looked like the perfect morsel to eat. Watch out chickie, this is the biggest rat you'll ever meet. Better call the exterminator. 'Fun with...
Categories: Threesomes, Feature
'Billy Joe and Bobby Sue steal a car and head out for a spree of theft and robbery. When the Sheriff gets the news he plans a trap for Billy Joe. The Sheriff's plans are foiled when Billy Joe escapes from the Deputy and turns-up at a local whorehouse creating quite a ruckus. Meanwhile, another Deputy reports to the Sheriff's house to find Bobby Sue has been left in mid-coitus by the Sheriff. The Deputy deflowers Bobby Sue and Billy Joe sexes-it-up with two whores while the Sheriff is left duped, alone, and holding the bag. Once again, Billy Joe is on the loose. No man's car, or marriage, is safe!'
'Brace yourself for the most intense hardcore sex you will ever see. Watch the bitch Melissa punish these whores while the studs mop up the mess with a heavy dose of throat pounding and ferocious fucking!'
'Play dress up, be a whore like mommy. Is it wrong to like older men? 10 things to do when your ass gets blown out.'
Categories: Toys, Strap-Ons, Fem Dom
A love story of a different kind...
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Teens 18+
Stuff your ass, how to feed the need. How to get him to like you and no one else! True stories of 'The night he blew my ass out'. Your asshole, give it what it really wants!
Categories: Amateur, Nurses, Toys, Fetish, Reality
Another tale to titilate!
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