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Jay Ashley

Jay Ashley
Jay, Jay Down, Shady O'Toole ,
Jan 11, 1971 (44 yrs)
United States
1993-Present (22 yrs)
180 cm / 5'10
Left ear, tongue, left nipple
Astrological symbol for
capricrn right bicep, outer right leg just above ankle

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Jay Ashley Porn Movies (188 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Housewives, Couples
The Housewife Bangers are out to con gullible husbands into letting them bang their hot wives - ON FILM! Watch as these loser husbands turn out their sweet wives when they think they're threatened with jail time, blackmailed, or just need some extra cash. See once innocent and trusting brides get hammered by the massive man meat of strangers and splattered with cum, all while their chump husbands look on.
Categories: Latinas, Teens 18+
Layla loves to get laid! When it comes to cock swallowing, Lana is the best! Jessie gets a pop to the face! Katya takes in one big dick! Audrianna gets her creamy center fucked! Being nasty is what we do best!
'Play dress up, be a whore like mommy. Is it wrong to like older men? 10 things to do when your ass gets blown out.'
You? A Slut? You bet! Find out how inside! Summer job stress? Don't worry - you can have fun and get paid too!! You may have a cock in your ass right now? Find out the warning signs! Excuse me mister - but I want your cock in my ass! Pick Up Lines That Really Work! Enjoy sex fiends!
'D.P.'s can be as easy as your ABC's. Find out how inside. Young and Anal Exclusive: Teach your guy how to make sweet love to your throat. What to do when everybody knows you're an asswhore!'
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Teens 18+
Stuff your ass, how to feed the need. How to get him to like you and no one else! True stories of 'The night he blew my ass out'. Your asshole, give it what it really wants!
Categories: Amateur, Hardcore
Welcome to another boiling hot issue of Virgin Stories. We have a combination of erotic first-time experiences and fresh, new pussy that will leave you boys drooling like an old hound dog!!! Our opening scene has the lovely Bolivia reliving her experience with a phone pervert, a pervert whose thirst for fresh twat is unquenchable. Scene two has Vanessa reminiscing about her first time. Feeling sick, she went home early from school to encounter her mother's boyfriend, who has his own ideas on how to make her feel better. Our third scene has the blonde bombshell Bianca telling of a boyfriend who doesn't know the first thing about pleasing a woman. Fortunately his father does. She soon discovers. Our final scene has the fresh, youthful Venus reliving her virgin experience with a fellow student during cheerleading practice. The ladies themselves aren't truly virgins, but their stories are. Virgin Stories explores the erotic world of virginity by re-enacting each girl's first time as true...
Categories: Amateur, Anal, Teens 18+
Anal is like my newest, bestest word EVER!!! Love Tactics - Sex positions that get results!!! True Stories Of - The night my asshole gaped!!! Your Orgasm - The answer may lay in your ass...
Categories: Gonzo, Hardcore
Diamond in her very first scene, and she gets her ass pounded! Next is Hustler 2002 beaver hunt winner Natalia Wood and she goes hardcore! Summer Love gets her cute young ass ravaged. Little Jasmine Lynn gets an unexpected huge cock up her ass! And last but not least is Ashley Moore and Saphire Rae who went to the extreme for cock-service.
Categories: Fetish, S&M, Hardcore
If it doesn't hurt, it's not true love!
College cuties research the kind of sexual perversion men prefer. What they're taught about lower anatomy at the institutes of higher learning convinces them the knowledge gained is worth the price!
Categories: Teens 18+, Threesomes
Cum lovin' cuties getting down and dirty for the first time! Pure little pink pussies get wet and juicy as they learn the tricks of the trade. 3-ways and anal for the best little strippers in the world! These girlz are moving out of their parent's houses and on to the pole! Enjoy the show!
In this second issue of Puritan, we bring you the directorial talents of Jim Powers and Al Borda, two directors who know how to deliver the goods with plenty of anal, DPs, three on ones and fetish action. We also bring you the hottest females in the business.
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
Jane is a bright young girl who dreams of one day landing the perfect guy. When Bradley walks into her life, she wants to make it a fairy tale ending. The only thing standing in the way of her success is her lifetime tormentor, Emily. An all-star cast scorches the screen with some of the hottest scenes ever shot in this modern day tale of Cinderella.
Kandice loves to bang big white cock! Misty offers up some of her sweet brown sugar! Hydie takes a little cream in her coffee! She's no Angel! Mahila's velvety pussy makes a sweet treat! Sweet and juicy chocolate kisses that can't wait to be tasted!
Categories: Anal, Blowjobs, Hardcore
Regan Starr: Regan's not your average "dumb whore." While attending college, she was known for fucking large groups of guys at frat parties. For her, being popular is very important, and I'll suck as much dick as it takes to make friends. Julie Meadows: This is one cute slut. She doesn't consider herself "easy," but she does enjoy fucking strange men that she picks up on street. With morals like hers, she'll make for a great wife and mother one day. Heaven Leigh: What the world needs is more pigs like Heaven Leigh. She's more than happy to fuck you, and all your friends. She admits that she likes to cuddle after being "used and treated like a foul mouthed fuck hole." Shelbee Myne: Now here's a girl who's not afraid to admit that she's a whore. Her hobbies include "collecting teddy bears and getting fucked up the ass." She hopes one day "to achieve the largest gaping asshole" and with a butthole like hers, we're sure she'll do it.
Watch as old grannies get fucked hard in an all out gangbang.
The very essence of an Asian girl is pure sex, five Asian babes with no innocence at all. Anal, DP, and more hot and sultry Asian hotties that give all there is in this hardcore trip through Asia's holes. Join Kat in a nasty DP and Layla as she takes on Lee's massive Stone. Plus much more Asian wreckage!
Categories: College Co-Eds
See what happens when the horny drama teacher wants to get his hands on the goodies! Hot little newcummer Michelle Marcel plays the wholesome little nymph.
Categories: Anal, Fetish, Hardcore
A girl and her beans beans, beans and magical food. The more you eat, the more you, Analyze! Listen you little bitch, you want to play with your food, we'll call the Bean Police. Cause the Bean Police cum inside your ass. If you can't finish the meal we'll show the beans down your mouth on the head of a cock! Anal Vineyard Welcome to the Northern California Wine Country. We've all taken those romantic excursions. Sampling and smelling the many flavored wines. Ever wonder where the grapes get that distinctive aroma that sets one wine above the rest? Watch as Paris is let in on all the secrets of the wine making process. Her cunt and ass will never feel the same! One Afternoon all he needed was a phone. Just one fucking phone call, but no! She wouldn't give it to him. Hadn't the naked man who came stumbling through the ivy been through enough? Must he have to shove his cock and balls deep up little Alyssa's ass over and over again to make a call peak hours were never this expensive!...
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
His car broke down. He needed a place to stay overnight. How could he have predicted the erotic and forbidden night that lay ahead with the farmer's daughter.
Categories: Pornstars, Feature
Shay's ex-lovers keep turning up dead. Is this a series of accidents?...or gnarly sex encounters strung together by a morbid little plot.
Categories: Teens 18+
Coach's pet: when some of the football players goof around and expose themselves to the coach's favorite student...all hell breaks loose. Ms. Raven's plaything: school is all about learning. This little teacher's pet learns how to eat pussy! Paying to stay: this student is about to get tossed out of school. But instead, pulls out straight A's. A is for Anal. The janitor and the student: when a young student teases a janitor, she gets more than she bargained for, or did she?
Categories: Teens 18+, Amateur, Hardcore
You want em young? You've got em. Chicks with the freshest pussy allowed by law to get down and dirty. They've entered the league of big cocks and hardcore fucking, and you get a ring side seat for the action!
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
Categories: Threesomes, Feature
'Billy Joe and Bobby Sue steal a car and head out for a spree of theft and robbery. When the Sheriff gets the news he plans a trap for Billy Joe. The Sheriff's plans are foiled when Billy Joe escapes from the Deputy and turns-up at a local whorehouse creating quite a ruckus. Meanwhile, another Deputy reports to the Sheriff's house to find Bobby Sue has been left in mid-coitus by the Sheriff. The Deputy deflowers Bobby Sue and Billy Joe sexes-it-up with two whores while the Sheriff is left duped, alone, and holding the bag. Once again, Billy Joe is on the loose. No man's car, or marriage, is safe!'
'Brace yourself for the most intense hardcore sex you will ever see. Watch the bitch Melissa punish these whores while the studs mop up the mess with a heavy dose of throat pounding and ferocious fucking!'
'Truth or dare... are you ready to go all the way? Sex tips on how to get his cock all the way in! Do you know what it takes to be cool?'
Categories: Toys, Strap-Ons, Fem Dom
A love story of a different kind...
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