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Jay Ashley

Jay Ashley
Jay, Jay Down, Shady O'Toole ,
Jan 11, 1971 (44 yrs)
United States
1993-Present (22 yrs)
180 cm / 5'10
Left ear, tongue, left nipple
Astrological symbol for
capricrn right bicep, outer right leg just above ankle

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Jay Ashley Porn Movies (188 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Squirting
These chicks are totally turned on. Their pussies are gushing. They're tight, hot and waiting to get fucked by big cocks. These steamy chicks are wetter than a tropical storm. When they cum it's a typhoon of sexual energy.
Categories: Amateur, Nurses, Toys, Fetish, Reality
Another tale to titilate!
Categories: Amateur, Anal, Teens 18+
Anal is like my newest, bestest word EVER!!! Love Tactics - Sex positions that get results!!! True Stories Of - The night my asshole gaped!!! Your Orgasm - The answer may lay in your ass...
Kandice loves to bang big white cock! Misty offers up some of her sweet brown sugar! Hydie takes a little cream in her coffee! She's no Angel! Mahila's velvety pussy makes a sweet treat! Sweet and juicy chocolate kisses that can't wait to be tasted!
Categories: Interracial
Come on, smile you whore... White trash, get down on you knees, it's time for Kink and Sodomy. What you are about to witness may shock and disturb you! Well, if you're a pervert like me that's a good thing. Whores don't come anymore white trash than this. These sluts do it all, with tons of anal, DP's, and spit dripping blow jobs. You know it's the shit you really want to see. These dumb whores degrade themselves over and over for your viewing pleasure.
'D.P.'s can be as easy as your ABC's. Find out how inside. Young and Anal Exclusive: Teach your guy how to make sweet love to your throat. What to do when everybody knows you're an asswhore!'
4 Fun Ways to be Sodomized - Find out inside. Shocking Truths My Boyfriend Fucked me and my mother! and Know Your Anus ? Give it what it really wants.
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away? a great gang took place! In the wake of our world's diminished supply of women, a crack team of scientists perform a dangerous experiment to satisfy their perverted desires. Where does one find the materials to make a woman??? You'll see?6 cons never thought hard time could be so damn good! The VOLUPTUOUS prison guard uses her power to give these criminals something they ain't had in a long time? a woman's juicy ass and pussy! Let me know what you think!!!
Categories: Anal, Fetish, Hardcore
A girl and her beans beans, beans and magical food. The more you eat, the more you, Analyze! Listen you little bitch, you want to play with your food, we'll call the Bean Police. Cause the Bean Police cum inside your ass. If you can't finish the meal we'll show the beans down your mouth on the head of a cock! Anal Vineyard Welcome to the Northern California Wine Country. We've all taken those romantic excursions. Sampling and smelling the many flavored wines. Ever wonder where the grapes get that distinctive aroma that sets one wine above the rest? Watch as Paris is let in on all the secrets of the wine making process. Her cunt and ass will never feel the same! One Afternoon all he needed was a phone. Just one fucking phone call, but no! She wouldn't give it to him. Hadn't the naked man who came stumbling through the ivy been through enough? Must he have to shove his cock and balls deep up little Alyssa's ass over and over again to make a call peak hours were never this expensive!...
There's a sex riot in cellblock "A" and you're invited! Bad backdoor babes are subjected to full body-cavity searches with deep probes as passions run wild in a behind bars orgy that will make you sweat!
Categories: Blowjobs, Cumshots, Hardcore
These cocksucking cuties just love to hear a man say, "Suck my dick and swallow my load!" They get off on huffing huge members, and you'll get off - on this hot and sticky edition of DEEP ORAL LADIES! Again and again.
Categories: Fetish
I want you to realize that this training you will undergo will be intense. In fact, it will be the most intense thing you've ever undergone. At the end of this training you will refer to me as master!
Filled with a 3-way, a 4-way, a DP, Facials, POV, a Cream Pie and Lots of Cum Swallowing! Hot for cock and addicted to cum, these hardcore sluts devour massive dicks until they get the ultimate creamy prize! Melissa's nasty cunt gets a dick drilling! Sativa?s shithole gets pounded. Tyla takes 3 dicks and gets a sloppy cream pie! Jasmine gets it deep inside her sweet pussy pocket! Sex crazed Kelly likes a liquid lunch!
These little cum junkies are jonesing for their next fix from a big fat cock. Watch them get their next fix and instantly crave more!
Categories: Double Penetration
Every scene is a first time double penetration, every girl is a slut, and every hole gets blown out for your viewing pleasure.
Oh boy is Kelly ever in troble this time. Three days before the final sorority exchange of the year she disappeared. What's the Pi Pi House to do? It's a good thing the ransom has to be paid for in pussy cause these girls major in the art of cocksucking, buttfucking and beer chugging! It's just another wild Weekend on the campus of State U. as Kelly and the girls let their pussies do the talking Just like all Good Girls do.
Every day she is tortured by the nasty man on the phone who calls when her husband is at office. He whispers nasty stories to her of what her neighbors are doing. Disgusting stories about housewives being shoved full of cock. cheating whores getting butt fucked. And the voices tell her how time is coming. How her body will be violated. How this is her D.P. Calling.
The best of Jenna Haze: Before she signed a contract with a "couples" video company and became boring, Jenna Haze was one of the hottest, nastiest chicks ever to tear through a porn flick. From those tiny size ? 5 ? feet to those beautiful, cock-sucking lips, Jenna is a stroker's dream cum true! Beautiful as a supermodel and nasty as a two-bit whore. She loves to be submissive, and can never get enough cum in her mouth or on her face. She's one Kick Ass Chick!
Categories: Pregnant
I love pregnant women so much it hurts my cock every time one walks by. I can't get enough of them. They are so round and cuddly and their sexual drives are so strong in this time of their lives. This is what it is all about.
Categories: Anal, Blowjobs, Hardcore
An over the hill workout tape guru hits it big with his ultra sexual and male chauvanistic "BEND OVER AND SAY" workout tape. It takes the country by storm and rockets him back to the top of the health fitness craze.
Categories: Fetish
Head Over Heels is an exciting video series dedicated to fantastic female fuck flesh - not just feet mind you, but fair faces, terrific titties, pretty pussies, lovely legs and bodacious butts! The gorgeous girlz assembled here - cover beauty Raye, wild, tattooed Rayne, Asian Mia, blondie Charlie and Charlene with her perfect, all natural body - look all the more comely when in the throes of sexual bliss. (Especially Charlie ? she won't quit till she gets her gash and ass simultaneously stuffed!) You'll flip for Head Over Heels!
Jay Ashley stars as a man who finds himself with unheard-of mental powers after having a serious car crash in this hardcore take-off of the familiar Stephen King-esque theme. Of course, Jay tends to pick up on folks' most private and passionate thoughts, which we get to see in all their hardcore glory. Sylvia Saint shines in a trio of scenes, opening the proceedings with a fervid fling opposite Jon Dough. Sylvia shows off some eye-popping oral skills here before delving into a white-hot anal excursion. Later on, she steams things up with Dillion Day in another scorching rear entry rendezvous. Sylvia closes out the flick in a heated humdinger of a session with Jay, another blistering segment that finds Sylvia reveling in back door boffing. The best scene in the video, though, belongs to the gorgeous April. She takes on Alec Metro in a searing outdoor tussle, leaving every ounce of erotic energy right there on screen. April's ravenous oral feasting and her wildly energetic romping...
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Spoof
Director Jonathan Morgan is known far and wide as one of the true goofballs of modern-day porn. Never one to let an opportunity for a lame joke or flaccid punchline pass him by, Morgan has established himself as the class clown of the industry. This latest lascivious opus from Morgan once again wends its way through some pretty pallid comedy as it tells its tale of the backstage antics of his cast of porno performers. The saving grace, as it usually is with Morgan's flicks, is that the action is searingly hot throughout. Right from the opening bell we're treated to some scintillating stuff as scrumptious Silvia Saint gets down and dirty with Randy Spears. Spears gets called away to host the 'Entertainment Tonight'-style show that gives the video its name, but Brad Armstrong is more than happy to step in and finish the job. Later on we get to watch as lithesome Alexandria Quinn writhes her way through a scorching tryst with a pair of well-built studs. It's a full-throttle frolic that...
Categories: Amateur, Hardcore
The young ladies are so na?ve the minute they take off from home, streetwise punks immediately take advantage of them. They treat them as portable and reusable docking stations.
Can you believe that we're already up to vol. 10! To celebrate our anniversary, we got the hottest Latina working in the business today, Lena Julliett. If you look at the front cover, you can see that this girl bites her fingernails. What's she so nervous about? Getting pregnant! As a Latina, she's genetically super-fertile! Normal porn shoots are nerve-wracking enough. But a 5 Guy Cream Pie? She only agreed to do it because we explained what a special occasion this was to you, our viewers. We hope you appreciate it!
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
A take of fantasy, love and lust deeply buried within the soul of a magnificent woman. Krystal arrives at a place rarely visited where players play and the scent of raw sex permeates the atmosphere. Is it real? Is it imagination? Is it a blend of mind and reality?
Categories: Feature, Hardcore
Anyone who has ever driven a big rig knows of the ladies of the night that frequent truck stops. These women offer a little company to lonely truckers. Banging on your window at all hours of the night, these hookers roam the parking lots looking for horny truckers to pay for their sexual services. So abundant did these girls become they soon were given their own moniker ? Lot Lizards. Hitting the open roads and interstates of America, a film crew set out to document the lives of these vivacious ladies. In this movie you will come to understand why truckers all across the country have a special place in their hearts and pants for these hardworking women.
Categories: Pornstars, Feature
Shay's ex-lovers keep turning up dead. Is this a series of accidents?...or gnarly sex encounters strung together by a morbid little plot.
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