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Jay Ashley

Jay Ashley
Jay, Jay Down, Shady O'Toole ,
Jan 11, 1971 (44 yrs)
United States
1993-Present (22 yrs)
180 cm / 5'10
Left ear, tongue, left nipple
Astrological symbol for
capricrn right bicep, outer right leg just above ankle

About Jay Ashley


Jay Ashley Porn Movies (186 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: College Co-Eds, Anal
It's the only college where you can earn your diploma through the back door. This is all anal action at it's finest. You won't want to miss a moment of these girlz as they try to make the grade!
3 more clueless whores get double fucked for the very first time. Watch as each girl loses her D.P. Cherry, and becomes a raging anal slut right before your eyes. Rated XXX for language and extreme stroke value.
Categories: Teens 18+
These sluts may be young, but they sure know how to please! Naughty little teens caught up in perverted situations.
Mila's a fuck pig that loves cock in every hole in her body. Watch as Mia gets her ass reamed by two fat cocks at once like the slut that she is. Mia runs her gutter mouth like a bitch in heat while eight guys use her mouth, pussy and asshole for a cum depository. The nympho ass-freak needs it real bad and this video proves it!
Categories: Fetish
I want you to realize that this training you will undergo will be intense. In fact, it will be the most intense thing you've ever undergone. At the end of this training you will refer to me as master!
Categories: Fetish, Hardcore
Their beef flap is so big it's swinging in the breeze! These ladies have extra large clits and they know just how to use them to satisfy the mega clit enthusiast in all of us!
Sunset's every orifice gets filled when six of the top studs in the biz and two babes invade her mouth, pussy and tight little ass simultaneously! There's three-way action with Zach and her new babe Paisley; hot lesbo lust when Felecia joins in; and an anal and double penetration gangbang that has Sunset painting in ecstasy! Watch her ass and pussy get stretched by the monster rod of Peter North and Sean Michael's huge black tool at the same time! Even Felecia straps one on and joins into the gangbang frenzy. You've got to see it to believe it!
4 Fun Ways to be Sodomized - Find out inside. Shocking Truths My Boyfriend Fucked me and my mother! and Know Your Anus ? Give it what it really wants.
Kandice loves to bang big white cock! Misty offers up some of her sweet brown sugar! Hydie takes a little cream in her coffee! She's no Angel! Mahila's velvety pussy makes a sweet treat! Sweet and juicy chocolate kisses that can't wait to be tasted!
Categories: Fetish, Hardcore
Four more off-the-beaten track vignettes from this wild and wacky sexvid series. The opening clip is titled 'Anal Back Lizard,' and it stars Brooke Ashley as the thus-named character. To that end, she wears a thin black bodysuit and wanders around the desert. She's discovered by Billy Glide and treated to a frenetic back door tryst that drives Brooke right over the bend. She's an intense performer, and she really gets into the raunchy spirit of things in a blistering segment. Next, Jay Ashley goes out to his dumpster to drop off some trash, but he discovers that there are a pair of lusty ladies living in the filth (Leanna Heart and Dallas). Needless to say, he jumps right into the middle of a high-pitched threesome with the gals in a scene that builds to a shattering back door boff with the delectable Dallas. The third vignette, 'Desert Song,' starts off much like the first, with Phaedra this time playing some sort of odd desert-dwelling creature. She wanders around in a strange...
Categories: Latinas, Teens 18+
Layla loves to get laid! When it comes to cock swallowing, Lana is the best! Jessie gets a pop to the face! Katya takes in one big dick! Audrianna gets her creamy center fucked! Being nasty is what we do best!
Categories: Amateur, Anal, Teens 18+
Anal is like my newest, bestest word EVER!!! Love Tactics - Sex positions that get results!!! True Stories Of - The night my asshole gaped!!! Your Orgasm - The answer may lay in your ass...
While there?s a lot of face-fucking going on out there, only pervy Uncle Joey manages to assemble and illuminate such charming young porn ing??nues in a way that the viewer feels like it?s own lap that?s drenched with girl-drool! Face Fucking Inc. 6 collects super-thick Latina teen Leenuh Rae, Filipino girlfriend material Miley Villa, and sassy blonde Ami Emerson ? on her birthday, yet! ? for a riveting line-up of tonsil-ravaged temptresses. Also included are star turns by fan favorites Aurora Snow, Bobbi Starr and Kristina Rose.
Over 60 different girls! Over 60 cum shots! Over 180 minutes! Anarchy International brings you nothing but explosive cum shots.
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
Chastity: Tired of following rules, this hot little chunk of pussy learns that nothing is for free in the brutal world... Upset at her folks, Chastity hits the streets in search of the American dream... Instead she finds a garage, a couple of bikers and that her asshole has more uses for it than going to the bathroom. Robbery: She wanted to run away from her folks. Her arrival in the city was marked by a robbery from a beautiful dyke who had no qualms about stealing all her worldly possessions, including her virginity and dignity. Rock Starr: Who would have thought that I would end up as a rock star's groupie? To think that my folks thought that I wouldn't amount to anything. Hmmm... I wonder if a fuck toy is an honorable profession? Fake I.D.: What happens when a runaway steals I.D. from her mother and hits the nearest bar? The bartender, sensing the validity of the ID is false, makes her pay for her indiscretion with a lesson she won't soon forget - a thorough ass reaming. The Long...
Categories: Housewives, Couples
The Housewife Bangers are out to con gullible husbands into letting them bang their hot wives - ON FILM! Watch as these loser husbands turn out their sweet wives when they think they're threatened with jail time, blackmailed, or just need some extra cash. See once innocent and trusting brides get hammered by the massive man meat of strangers and splattered with cum, all while their chump husbands look on.
Categories: Teens 18+
Tight, fresh, and wet as can be! Get ready to watch some young cuties getting their cunts and asses crammed till they cream. If there's grass on the field, play it!
'Brace yourself for the most intense hardcore sex you will ever see. Watch the bitch Melissa punish these whores while the studs mop up the mess with a heavy dose of throat pounding and ferocious fucking!'
Dark and twisted tales that will get you nice and hard. Part 19 in the series.
'Play dress up, be a whore like mommy. Is it wrong to like older men? 10 things to do when your ass gets blown out.'
'Truth or dare... are you ready to go all the way? Sex tips on how to get his cock all the way in! Do you know what it takes to be cool?'
Categories: Toys, Strap-Ons, Fem Dom
A love story of a different kind...
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Teens 18+
Stuff your ass, how to feed the need. How to get him to like you and no one else! True stories of 'The night he blew my ass out'. Your asshole, give it what it really wants!
Categories: Amateur, Nurses, Toys, Fetish, Reality
Another tale to titilate!
Categories: Feature
Being in jail sucks. The food?s bad, the wardrobe a drag, and the guards are obnoxious. But most of all, jail sucks because of the boredom. There?s nothing to do. Nothing to see. Nothing to play with... except yourself, and your girlfriends. So when the girls begin sharing stories, it quickly becomes a challenge to come up with a story featuring the hardest nipples, the biggest cock, the most orgasms, and the wildest sexual exploit. And when challenged, a girl has no choice but to turn her words into actions. See what happens when Lanny and her cellmates redefine hard time in the slammer!
Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
Jane is a bright young girl who dreams of one day landing the perfect guy. When Bradley walks into her life, she wants to make it a fairy tale ending. The only thing standing in the way of her success is her lifetime tormentor, Emily. An all-star cast scorches the screen with some of the hottest scenes ever shot in this modern day tale of Cinderella.
Categories: Anal, Fetish, Hardcore
A girl and her beans beans, beans and magical food. The more you eat, the more you, Analyze! Listen you little bitch, you want to play with your food, we'll call the Bean Police. Cause the Bean Police cum inside your ass. If you can't finish the meal we'll show the beans down your mouth on the head of a cock! Anal Vineyard Welcome to the Northern California Wine Country. We've all taken those romantic excursions. Sampling and smelling the many flavored wines. Ever wonder where the grapes get that distinctive aroma that sets one wine above the rest? Watch as Paris is let in on all the secrets of the wine making process. Her cunt and ass will never feel the same! One Afternoon all he needed was a phone. Just one fucking phone call, but no! She wouldn't give it to him. Hadn't the naked man who came stumbling through the ivy been through enough? Must he have to shove his cock and balls deep up little Alyssa's ass over and over again to make a call peak hours were never this expensive!...
These barely legal youngsters are all natural without a drop of silicone in sight and they are more than ready for hardcore action. Are you man enough to satisfy a young, natural fuck slut?
Categories: Hardcore
The title says it all! Part two cums back with five more hot chicks getting dicked hard in all ways. All of these girls love to get covered in cum. Don't miss Megan as she eats two cock fulls of cum from an ice cream cup, or Aurora's surprise 3-way with a hung dude and a blow-up doll! Freakin' kinky!
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
What would they do if they knew I loved salty sticky semen spraying in my tiny mouth? Would they flip out on me if they saw how much I enjoyed an enormous penis in my tight pussy and it made me orgasm in ecstacy?
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