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Jon Dough

Jon Dough
Chet Walker, Chet Aznivour,
Jon Dough, John Duogh, John Dunn, Chuck Long, John Doe, Chad Sanders, Jan Sanders, Rock Taylor, Chet Sanders, Chet Anuszek, John Doc, Jon Doc ,
Nov 12, 1932 (83 yrs)
United States
1985-Present (31 yrs)
188 cm / 6'2

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Jon Dough Porn Movies (64 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore
Julie and Steve are a happily married couple in other words the dinner banter is more sparkling than the pillow talk. Along comes a provocative book in an interesting little shop, and as fast as you can say "Kama Sutra," in their existence is magically transformed into a passionate melange of fantasy and flesh. Turn the page on everything you know. A new chapter is written.
They're creepy, but more horny. They'll do you in the morning. Each other they're adoring, the Maddam's Family. The men are hung like horses. They don't need back up forces. They always cum in quartses, the Maddam's Family. She's Sweet, He's neat, Feel the heat. So when you need some lovin, or some cushion for your shovin, we got what you've been wanting, the Maddam's Family. Directed by Herschel Savage.
Categories: Anal, Classics
Don't miss this all-anal feature starring some of the best superstars in porn today. All Anal!
The most anticipated sequel of the decade! One of the most popular X-Rated films of all times has been re-filmed by Vivid Interactive. Lex stars in the classic adult film. Debbie gets sick and tired of stripping at the local club. She decides to try out for the local basketball cheerleading squad. Debbie and her mother will stop at nothing and do everyone to get her on the squad
Categories: Teens 18+, Hardcore
Enjoy another video release of fresh horny teens satisfying their fix for pricks. Blonde, Brunette and Latina snatch is on the menu with lots of HARD-POUNDING and a double anal for busty Brittany on the side. Bon-Appetit!!!
Categories: Feature
Sexy, naive Mikki Finn is looking to be discovered. But nothing back home could have prepared this pretty young songwriter for the sordid adventures she would find in Hollywood! Nestor Lewis is the record industry's most prominent producer -- and biggest "dick". Nothing in his career could have prepared him for Mikki Finn! Mikki has written a song for recording star Ecstasy - rock's hottest nympho! Lewis steals Mikki's song and plans to use it on Ecstasy's new album. When tantalizing Mikki discovers what the horny Mr. Lewis is up to, she employs all her sexual talent to recover what is rightfully hers. Power, deception, adultery, and unbridled lust are all here.
Throat. Miss Jones. Debbie. Few names in adult are truly legends. Debbie's one. So is Lex and Thomas. Paul Thomas presents lovely Lex, at the fifty, in a major new film. Give you an "F?"
Categories: Blondes, Feature
Join the sensual and exotic Kascha and a bevy of star studded gal pals in a sizzling backdoor adventure!
Categories: Gangbang, Classics, Anal
All anal! Director Rex Borsky provides you with some of the hottest nymphos in some sizzling hardcore gang bang action!
These cock addicts never invite over just one man - they need two! And because they do these sluts end up with their mascara smeared, tears in their eyes and just dripping with man juice! Watch them get all of their holes filled to the brim! An addict always wants more! These cock addicts never invite over just one man - they need two! And because they do these sluts end up with their mascara smeared, tears in their eyes and just dripping with man juice! Watch them get all of their holes filled to the brim! An addict always wants more!
Categories: Classics
'Under the ruthless desert sun, two men in a red corvette speed along a desolate highway. Just off the road, sleeping demons of lust and desire begin to stir and awaken, summoned by the hum of the tires and the rush of the wind. As they rise from the desert floor to watch the car go by, they grin and lick their chops. On the horizon a town appears.'
Categories: Asian, Pornstars
Peter North is saved by a mermaid at a posh Island resort. But alas, this is no ordinary tail. This is Kia, the hottest Asian since Kascha.She's tall, dark and hot, and that's just the way she likes her sex. In Simply Kia, director Scotty Fox unleashes the raw sensuality that drove her to porn.Join Kia and Krista, Eva Flowers, Annabell Dane and Brook Waters in a sexually enchanted adventure that'll leave you completely satisfied, yet wanting more... of Kia
Categories: Big Butts, Anal, Hardcore
Watch out! Here it comes again! It will strike without further notice! The great white ass is in the house! Don't say you weren't warned!
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
This all-star cast sees just how insatiable they can be, and just how much anal pounding they can take! Tight butt holes stretched to their limits as gallons of spunk splash the faces of eager super freaks!
Categories: Anal, Interracial, Hardcore
Four unconnected sex scenes with an interracial theme prove to be all there is to say about the plot, or lack thereof in this video. Like all other Rosebud releases, there is ambient sound, but at time does anyone say any approaching dialogue. The performers just have sex. This uneven anal escapade is long on mediocrity and short on sizzling sex, something we've grown accustomed to from Borsky. Still, the women are hot and very exotic, making this one stand out.
Categories: Hardcore
A no-nonsense production in every aspect, this wall-to-wall scorcher delivers nothing but pure passion and heat, with none of the bells and whistles that clutter up so many hardcore ventures. We begin with the always delightful Silvia Saint. She brings her taut curves to a back door blast with Jon Dough, revving the flick up to speed with her ecstatic cries for more. Shapely Gina Ryder shines in the next clip, delving into some fervid frolicking with Eric Price in another scorcher. Fresh-faced Brooke then finds herself confronted by the sizable charms of Alec Metro in a steamy and sensual session. Dayton Raines all but steals the show next, taking on Ian Daniels in a white hot romp that leaves them both well-spent. Silvia is back for more in the finale, this time joining Mickey G. for a bawdy blast. Director Nic Cramer has delivered a rock solid sexvid here, giving audiences sexually driven pairings that are brought to the screen with a definite visual flair. Lots of raucous action,...
Categories: Asian, Teens 18+, Hardcore
Check out these seven beautiful Asian teens as they get hot and steamy in this hardcore sextravaganza! Don't miss these beauties fucking and sucking. They love cock!
Categories: Pornstars, Classics
When we asked Nikki Tyler why she got into adult, one of the reasons was easy : "Rocco." When we aked Rocco who he wanted to do before he ever retired, he answered with one word that was clear even in his native Italian : "Nikki." Vivid presents the feature film they both wanted to make...NIkki loves Rocco, starring our nastiest blonde and our hottest buck. With foxy Melissa Hill, tart Tabitha Stevens and dirty Davia rounding out the cast. They asked for it. You asked for it. Now ask for it by name : NIKKI LOVES ROCCO.
Categories: Anal, Hardcore
You won't have to catch too much of this one before you'll be shouting, "Si, si!." Some muy caliente senoritas with a penchant for rear-entry romping make this one a non-stop winner. This sexvid is white-hot from the get-go, as Jill Kelly and Anna Malle strive to drive Jon Dough right out of his mind. Both women are at their hottest, providing some sweaty and tenacious action throughout the scene, showing why they're considered to be two of the most consistently erotic performers in the industry. Later on, precious little Nikole Lace finds that the back door is often the best one to take in a frenetic free-for-all with Kyle Stone. If you just can't get enough of Nikole's delicious figure (and who could?), she shows up again in an energetic three-way with Bunny Bleu and Tom Byron. Nikole proves herself to be a wonderfully willing and compliant performers, making the scene her own with some enthusiastic and fiery sexing. The technical aspects of this video are all top-flight, which...
Swallow, it's a deeply moving, quite involving. Highly intellectual look at one of the most important issues of our time. Deep-throating, Dyanna does Brad. Melanie does Marc. Nikki does Steele. Bionca does Alex. And then Debi does Jon. Orally and anally. Don't miss this intense and enveloping film.
Categories: Feature, Hardcore
Norma Jeane purchases a house with realtor Sean Michaels. Like all good realtors, he shaves her legs, and balls her in the bathroom. Escrow closes, and like with most houses, a hidden dungeon is discovered. Where Norma has sex with Bionca, fondles nurse Sara Jane and gets teased by policewoman Lady Berlin. Partygoer Debi does a DP, pirates Nick and Marc do hot oil with a vestal virgin, amidst foot worship, latex love and food fucking. Realty? Perhaps. Reality? Only if you are Toni English.
Categories: Feature
Is she a captive or a diplomat? And why the unrelenting interrogation? What is she supposed to know--and why?! Why is there a lewd striptease going on at her door. And if it's a jail, why is there no warden?! And where do the two-way mirrors lead to anyway? Believe nothing. Trust no one. And watch the pretty girls go by. Welcome to a place called Captive. Where madness and Madelyn meet.
Categories: Anal, Classics
Join Krysti Lynn, Lana Sands, and more for some of the best anal action Rosebud has to offer. All Anal!
Categories: Anal, Classics
Lots of Hardcore Anal XXX Action! All Anal! Classic fuck scenes from the 1990s.
Welcome to Anytown. Where nothing happens. And everything happens! Jeremy Dayton's around to promote his latest monster epic at the last picture show. Sure he was once a major star, but these days he's a major loser, staging wild pranks to sell stripped down pictures to small town audiences. But when he grabs Nikki Tyler, he gets a lot more than he ever bargained for -- that's for sure. Paul Thomas presents Bobby Sox, a film that AVN called "stunning, imaginative, arresting... a sexual joyride of eccentricity and wit. This must be Vivid's Crown Jewel. " Then they said what they haven't said in years: "10." If you only see one film this year, see the one that matters. Bobby Sox. A monster film, about a monster film! "Best Film" - 1997 AVN Awards
Categories: Housewives, Hardcore
Bad Wives" Contains... World's First - 24 different scenes that can be viewed in multiple angels (Four different views of the action!). World's First - The most advanced motion graphics with video, ever. World's First - Revolutionary New Feature: "Screens Within A Screen Menu," - Nine chapters playing simultaneously. Plus, all the options that made "Bobby Sox" so appealing, such as interactive game rooms, Kobe's virtual world, Vivid girl bios, and the ultra-sexy "No Girl Like A Vivid Girl" featurette.
Categories: Pornstars, Anal, Hardcore
Lights! Camera! XXX action! Krystal Steal is the star attraction of this show! Together with Pleasure superstars Nikki Benz and Trinity, these girls showcase their talents in this all-star gala of lust and tantalizing sexuality!
Jay Ashley stars as a man who finds himself with unheard-of mental powers after having a serious car crash in this hardcore take-off of the familiar Stephen King-esque theme. Of course, Jay tends to pick up on folks' most private and passionate thoughts, which we get to see in all their hardcore glory. Sylvia Saint shines in a trio of scenes, opening the proceedings with a fervid fling opposite Jon Dough. Sylvia shows off some eye-popping oral skills here before delving into a white-hot anal excursion. Later on, she steams things up with Dillion Day in another scorching rear entry rendezvous. Sylvia closes out the flick in a heated humdinger of a session with Jay, another blistering segment that finds Sylvia reveling in back door boffing. The best scene in the video, though, belongs to the gorgeous April. She takes on Alec Metro in a searing outdoor tussle, leaving every ounce of erotic energy right there on screen. April's ravenous oral feasting and her wildly energetic romping...
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