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Kelsey Heart

Kelsey Heart
Kelsey Hart,
Sep 02, 1974 (41 yrs)
San Diego, CA
United States
173 cm / 5'8
54 kg / 119 lbs
Small heart tattoo right
breas, triangular tattoo over tailbone

About Kelsey Heart


Kelsey Heart Porn Movies (24 Sex Videos in total)

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Fast Times vol. 4 starts with newcummer Jenna Haze and Catalina getting plowed in the ass and loving every second of it. They get rewarded with a gallon of jizz juice. Next up, Nikita Denise takes Lex?s 12-inch cock, balls-deep up her ass and shows what it?s like to experience as assgasm! Later on, Spoomoni comes home from school in hopes of studying, but finds himself dreaming of fucking Linda?s tight little pussy. With hot young girls doing anal in every scene, Fast Times is a definite must see!
We all know what a "nympho" is. It's a hot bimbo who needs to fuck all the time. And we all what a "nurse" is. It's a hot bimbo who needs to fuck all the time. So "Nasty Nympho Nurses" are hot bimbos who need to be screwed in the ass, take double penetration, lick up facials, eat other bimbo's pussies, inhale cock and fuck. All the time.
'Lady Can You Spare a Ride? - They are the nameless people who are blight on our urban society. You see them holding signs at freeway entrances. But they need love too. Watch in terror as Kelsey receives the ride of her life. 'Pumpin' Stumpy - This is the tear-jerking story of one woman's strength and courage. Zarina had lost both her arms and legs in a terrible auto accident, but not her lust for sex. We call this poignant story Pumping Stumpy. ' - It was criminal the Dave's neighbor treated his dog. It was downright cruel. But when Dave went to yell at his neighbor he was shocked to discover this was no normal dog. This bitch was different. Nothing like giving the dog a bone. 'It Came From The Deep - The young woman was warned not to walk near the jungle lagoon alone at night. It was very dangerous. But could anyone have expected the terrible lust of the strange nocturnal creature that would rise from the depths and perform unspeakable sins upon our innocent victim?'
'I'm not a whore, I just play it on TV!'
Categories: Blowjobs, Facials, Cumshots
The motto of this sizzling feature which lives up to the title is; Why waste a clean face?? Join these lovely ladies in an oral love fest!
Categories: Lesbian, Big Tits, Toys, Gonzo
These girls can really take a handful! You'll see ten girls participating in Pussy Stretching, Extreme Sex, Anal Double Vaginal Penetration, Finger Painting Orgasms and Finger Food Recipes.
Categories: Pornstars, Compilation
Legendary Performer Peter North unloads his cream on some of the hottest babes ever assembled in one movie, including Jewel De'Nyle, April, Jeannie Rivers, Monica Mayhem and many more. It doesn't stop there! 16 of the best scenes from the mega-hit series. Sit down and cum along for a fantastic ride. This truly is some of the Best of North Pole.
Categories: Compilation
Poked, Prodded and Inked! Not just 4 hours - Wicked 4 hours!
Categories: Fetish
These little sluts love to be told to suck and fuck.
These super hot babes are all for one, and one for all! Watch as they suck each others wet pussies and shove their fingers and toys deep side one another in this sexy, all-girl, four-hour compilation from Wicked.
Categories: Feature, Hardcore
When Jonathan Morgan and crew take to the slopes, the great outdoors will never be the same! So come on along, because you can't beat doing what comes naturally with this horny bunch!
Categories: Feature, Voyeurism
Michael Zen returns to explore the new face of voyeurism and eroticism in the wired world. Stephanie Swift is Daisy, a beautiful young woman whose sexual antics are always on line and being watched with rapt attention by millions of people around the world who are clinging to her every word and action. When she calls for people to get naked, millions of people respond by doing just that, when she uses a certain dildo sales go through the roof, and when she has sex... Unbeknownst to Daisy, she is being exploited by her mentor Marcus as a means to sell his products and further his business interests. But Daisy has brains as well as body, and when she finds out what Marcus is up to, she gets her revenge in a very creative way. The Part II is a darkly erotic, stylized look at sex in the modern age. Stephanie Swift lives up to the hype of being one of porn's hottest talents. She puts in a blistering performance as Daisy, the stuff that fantasies are made of. With plenty...
Categories: Hardcore, Orgy, Outdoors, Gonzo
This is Wicked Pictures dynamic debut into the wild world of big-budget, high-class gonzo. This first-class production, shot at a Malibu beachfront location, complete with sparkling swimming pool, has a Who's Who cast of hot talent including Serenity, Missy, Stephanie Swift, Sindee Coxx, Anna Malle, Jewel, Brad Armstrong, Jonathan Morgan, Mickey G. and many, many more.This film is nothing less than non-stop, wall-to-wall sex, sex and more sex. Serenity, your hostess for the Wicked Sex Party, guides you through the girl-girl action, the 3-ways, 4-ways and more ways ? all set against the gorgeous backdrop of Malibu ocean, sky and mountains. There is sex in the pool, beside the pool, on lawn chairs, in the foyer, by the fountain, under the palm trees?everywhere and anywhere. This is gonzo at it's best: nothing but sizzling hot sex, and lots of it.
Categories: Lesbian, Masturbation, Toys
When the men are away... the girlz will play with anything that fits in their tight pussies! This is a beautifully-produced peek at the various kinky deeds done by horny young maidens left home alone. Most of them have something to do with long, graceful fingers, big, thick dildos or busily buzzing vibrators.
Categories: Blowjobs, Compilation, Gonzo
Twenty young babes, sucking and slurping and taking loads of goo right in the face - What could possibly be better in this wonderfully oral series?
Categories: Gangbang
Outnumbered and Outgunned. Just the Way She Wants It! We put out a casting call for a slut and this tall blonde shows up. The boys looked her over and decided that she had holes in all the right places. I said, Hi, I'm Al, the director and informed her that there was no script, no make-up, no plot, and no acting skill required, in other words, she was perfect for the part. We rolled the tape and before she was done stripping the boys snuck up and put the wood to her dumb ass. The next few hours are something she probably won't remember to tell mom and dad about, but her aching pussy will never forget. Good Beating, Al Borda
Categories: Anal, Pornstars, Hardcore
More hard packing anal action that you can shake a dick at!
Categories: Anal, Behind The Scenes
Cellar Dweller is back to take you to the bottom of depravity and kink!
Categories: Hardcore
Land of the free, home of the sluts! Truth, justice and pussy for all! These hot horny nymphos will do anything for their country! 2 pussies are better than one! Face loads of cum!
Categories: Pornstars, Hardcore
When you have a fuckable star like Chandler, it's easy to find a lot of co-stars. I put her with the best all girl talent in Hollywood and came up with the wildest video in years. These chicks expose and degrade each other beautifully. I mean, we serve the cast lunch and they end up fucking each other with it! It's a dream cum true.
Categories: Fetish
A painter hires a nude model for a session and gets more than he bargains for as he slips into a series of daydreams fantasizing about forbidden sex. Unable to resist the temptation of his sizzling young model he abandons his canvas for some penetrating, hands-on artistic exploration of her luscious body.
Categories: Blowjobs, Cumshots
Some times all you what is the woman to shut up and blow me and that is what this movie is all about.
When the doctor's out, nurse Goodie Knight will fill in. All the way in...
If you're into 3-ways and 4-ways, double header blow jobs, and real orgasms during anal sex, then you're going to love this edition of "Hot Bods & Tail Pipe." Scorching hot sex on top of incredible hot rod cars. Several girls get really wet over a '41 Woody, and a few others get their tails lowered on a '38 Chevy Coup.
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