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Marc Wallace

Marc Wallace
Oct 03, 1959 (56 yrs)
United States
1982-Present (18 yrs)
178 cm / 5'10
75 kg / 165 lbs
12 (US. CAD)

About Marc Wallace

While active with the Aids Virus in his system and highly HIV *positive... Marc Wallice had worked with Barbara Doll, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, Delfin, Jordan McKnight, & Tricia Devereaux all in unprotected an-l scenes using none of the safe adult practices listed above, and all of these performers tested positive for HIV. Tricia Devereaux admitted at the meeting in front of about 200 industry people that she had tested positive for HIV. Previously Marc Wallice tested using the Eliza. The industry switched tests from Eliza to PCR-DNA in April 1998. Then Marc Wallice took the PCR-DNA test and tested positive. On Marc Wallice's PCR-DNA April 30, 1998 Positive HIV Infection Test Result: the cell counts suggested he had been positive with the infection for approximately a year. Marc Wallice had performed in over 1000 films and started out as a gay male/male performer. By the way, Marc Wallice had worked in the 1985 film "Scandal In The Mansion" with *John Holmes (who died of Aids/HIV in late 1988), Craig Roberts (who also worked with Desiree Lane), Bunny Bleu (+ with her in ten other films), Heather Thomas (+ with her in one other film), Helga Sven (+ with her in one other film), & Lisa DeLeeuw (who died of Aids/HIV 1993), and these performers worked together with each other. More recently, Marc Wallice worked with Bunny Bleu in the 1995 film "An-l Centerfold." Strangely, these were too far apart from when Marc Wallice was positive for Aids/HIV. Transs-xual Caroline had worked with Marc Wallice in Anabolic Video 1997's "Gang Bang Girl 22" performing an-l DP. Caroline was also diagnosed HIV positive 1998. It is more likely that Caroline infected Marc Wallice than Marc Wallice having infected Caroline.]


Marc Wallace Porn Movies (15 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Classics
'When Chip's parents are out of town he is going to have some fun! They tried sticking him with a babysitter but Chip's got her convinced to bring all her slutty college friends out for a weekend pool party. You know the equation - a bunch of horny college guys and girls get together on a sunny day at a pool and something is bound to happen! Stand back as these girls take charge with orgies, deep throating, anal and loads of cum!'
Categories: Classics
'When you're in a college town you have to expect some crazy co-ed antics! When Peter North and his buddies scout a trio of hot babes topless and swimming in the community pool, they devise a great plan to get to know them better - a panty raid! So, under the cover of night, these three adventurers sneak into the girls' dorm, but little do they know that these beautiful ladies already knew of their plans - and have come up with some plans of their own. It's going to be a night that everyone will remember!'
Categories: Classics, Threesomes
'At this wayward school for horny women, sexy students come to conquer their sexual issues. Our expert staff of therapists and instructors are here to give them specialized treatment for their problems. Through lots of sexual experimentation and exploration though these women soon find their cure!'
Categories: Classics, Feature
Ron Jeremy's 'Tabloid Taddler' is a sex gossip magazine devoting all its resources to finding out the surprise ending to the next big erotic novel, 'Hidden Fantasies.' Sexual experimentation with three-ways, four-ways, anal and more are all being explored to make this the best erotic novel yet, but will Ron and his team be able to find what they're looking for in time for print?
Categories: Classics, Hardcore
Nicole and Susan are going to have a really good day. They start it off well enough when Nicole gets horny and need Susan to stick her fingers deep inside her. They talk about their favorite sexual experiences and stories their friends have told them. Naturally these horny ladies start to spy on their friends who are just as promiscuous as them. From a good hard fucking to some hot and steamy lesbian action, they see it all. They invite some friends over for a great end to a great day. It's Lust, American Style.
Categories: Classics, Hardcore
Can you feel the beat? The heat is on as these performers have come to town for a contest and party of the century. In between practices, partners are round up for some free spirited fun. Female counterparts explore girl-on-girl acts and even invite another band member to join in to confer on some new music in the making. Enjoy this beat from beginning to end and its final cut will knock your socks off.
When mankind rises from the ashes of the nuclear fire, the struggle to overcome the tyranny of the machine and regenerate the human race will rage for decades. But, the final battle will be fought here. In our present! Tonight!
Categories: Classics, Feature
A beautiful young temptress uses her alluring erotic skill to climb ?the family's? ladder of power. She does anything with anyone to reach the top. Scene after scene of torrid passionate sex was shot on impressive high budget sets with a cast of the biggest names in the business. Yes, the danger, mystery, intrigue and hot sultry sex are back!
A penetrating visit with an All-Girl Band, that's looked at love from both sides now.
Categories: Classics, Hardcore
A story about a dildo salesman who's really a super-spy. And a tough little lady who's a pussy-cat in bed. Pussywhipped... she's tough. But she is fair!!
Categories: Feature, Pornstars
There's mischief in the mansion and the gardener proves the butler isn't the only one doing it! Cover girl Zara Whites is the ravishing lady of the manor who puts the horny help through their sexual paces! Talk about fringe benefits! Even the maid goes above and beyond the call of duty, and loves every minute of it! But, Zara's in for a big surprise when the gardener reveals in true identity... in more ways then one!
Categories: Classics, Feature, Nurses
Racquel is a patient. Her doctor is crazy. Her nurse is having sex with two orderlies. Whenever anyone goes in for treatment, they end up having convulsions from sexual pleasure. Welcome to Raunch 2, for the sexually insane. Strap yourself in. You are about to be shocked.
Patty Rhodes takes a look at oral sex, Kelli Thomas style, in her latest classic "Blow Job Baby." It's about a girl who loves head...craves it...needs it...and the lengths she'll go to get it. (We love that in a girl!) Blow Job, Baby? Blow Job Baby! From your orally-oriented friends at Coast to Coast.
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