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Nikki Daniels

Nikki Daniels
Mar 12, 1982 (32 yrs)
Los Angeles, CA, USA
United States
2009-Present (6 yrs)
168 cm / 5'6
50 kg / 110 lbs
7 (US. CAD)
Playboy logo on left shoulder

About Nikki Daniels

Nikki Daniels is a brown haired hottie who just loves to fuck! She is has an amazing 34-26-33 body with natural B-cup tits. Nikki has a beautiful face and smile as well. Nikki seems to be a big fan of monster sized dicks. She is into one on one, threesomes and solo action too. Nikki has a elegant yet very naughty look to her. Her scenes are super enjoyable to watch.


Nikki Daniels Porn Movies (40 Sex Videos in total)

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Categories: Lesbian, MILF, Teens 18+
'When Alison climbed into bed with her step-mom Cherie, she didn't expect to end up tasting her sweet pussy or sucking on her luscious breasts! Savannah just got divorced so she is ready to try some hot girl-on-girl action with her pal Ariana. Elektra's step-mom got turned on when she found Nikki's g-string in the laundry so she decided to teach her how to play with toys and eat pussy! When Nadia walked in on Shelby doing a naughty webcam show, she was shocked at first, but after she found out how much money they could make doing a show together, she joined in on the fun!'
Categories: MILF, Teens 18+, Threesomes
'These families are very close and like to keep everything in house. Watch how they all fuck each other like no tomorrow and don't even care on how wrong it is! Wrong never felt so good!!'
Categories: Lesbian, Toys
Hot girl on girl massage action that will simply blow your mind. Yummy vagina fingering fun.
Categories: Teens 18+, POV
'5 newbies open wide for our cameras!'
Look, Im a lucky guy, Ive got a HUGE dick! Some of the chicks I screw even call it a monster! But for the pleasure I get from stuffing it down her throat, or cramming it into her wet pussy or tight ass, the hottest thing for me is WATCHING IT ALL! So when I look down and see some hot little slut sucking on my big cock, thats when I really get off!
'These hairy ladies hate the idea of having to shave to find a man. They refuse to shave to find that stiff cock that they so desire. Watch how these hairy muffs get pounded and fondled in ways they can't imagine!'
Categories: Couples, Feature
'As good girl Ally's romance ends badly, she has no interest in starting a new one. Her best friend/roommate however, has no such concerns, as she eyes a hot, new neighbor - Mason. Mason isnt interested because hes holding out hope that hell reconcile with his estranged wife. Over time, a friendship develops between Ally and Mason and although they are afraid to admit they have fallen for each other it happens! Just when it seems things may work out, the love Mason has been waiting for returns. Emotions are raw as fate, destiny and love determine what happens next!'
Categories: Blowjobs, Cheerleaders, POV
'The cheerleader squad at our school has tons of spirit. They also have tons of cock sucking skills! I mean, they should be with all the practice they get. I don't even think these horny little sluts care if we win or lose, as long as they get a fat cock in their mouth and a gooey load on their face!'
Categories: Threesomes, Cuckold, Reality
So my wife and I check into this motel, and while I`m putting the car away, the bellboy takes our luggage and my wife to the room. but when I get here, she`s kneeling in front of him sucking on his huge dick! And she`s smiling at me. i start to get really angry, but then I realize that I`m also getting really horny watching them. And when he takes her to the bed, spreads her legs, and slides that big throbbing cock inside her tight,punk snatch, my own cock is hard as a rock! I know it`s weird, but watching her getting reamed like that was hotter than fucking her myself! WE gotta do this more often! 100% Dick Teasing, Cock Sucking, Pussy Pounding, Loads Of Messy Cum! Husbands Watching Their Cock Starved Wives Getting Fucked! Asian Cocks Caucasian Twats!
Categories: Hardcore, MILF, Threesomes
'Gorgeous MILFs with ferocious sexual appetites! All hardcore action'
Categories: Hairy
'Flashing back to the 70s, Hairy Bush lives! Five hot woman sport full hair on their heads and below the waist.'
Categories: Couples, Feature
'Meant To Be is a sexy, romantic and engaging story about Sara (Lexi Belle) and her childhood best friend, Jacob (James Deen). Sara always had feelings for Jacob but he never felt the same wayor so she thought! The night before she's set to leave for college - Jacob confesses his love for her with a long awaited proposal. Unfortunately, Jacob's confession isn't enough - as Sara goes off to college. Several years pass and Sara returns home with her fiancee Michael, and she has to decide between her 'new love' or 'old love' and ultimately decide what isMeant To Be!'
Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Uniforms
'Sssshhhhh! dont tell my wife but I have a nasty slut on the side that never says no to my sexual demands. Why go out and pay for a sex toy, when you can just go out and find some whore that will do it all for free.'
'I couldn't help myself. The babysitter is just too fine. And she always flirts with me when I get home. I admit it, I got caught banging the babysitter.'
'You'd probably like to think that you're immune to the stuff, but there's no denying the power that love has over a man's thought process. That warm fuzzy feeling is the reason why you say 'Yes!' when your pretty wife looks up at you with those big beautiful eyes of hers and asks you to clean the taste of her pussy off of her new boyfriend's cock. You want to make her happy, right? Of course you do! It's that very same love that's also going to make it easier for you to lap up the salty, spermy mess that some strange dude blasted all over your wife's face. Ain't love grand?'
Categories: Lesbian
'Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you! Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman!'
Categories: MILF, Reality
This proves that stepmothers don't have to be old, fat, and bitchy! These MILFs are super sexy and hyper horny. They spend their husband's money and suck his son's big cock! While the husbands are workin', their stepsons they'll be jerkin'!
Categories: Hardcore, MILF, Reality
'Unemployed MILFs with their car payments due! Desperate times calls for desperate cock-sucking! Hot sex, horny MILFs and no job blow jobs!'
So she's home alone all day and horny, what's a girl to do? Call up some big black dick and release some stress!...
Categories: Toys, Strap-Ons, Fem Dom
A love story of a different kind...
Categories: Hardcore, Interracial, Feet
Remember when you were a kid, and the measure of your 'manliness' was somehow related to whether or not you could write your name in the snow with your most basic writing tool? Well, who knew that those writing skills would someday come in handy? Now, you can take that special talent and use it to write on the bottom of a pretty girl's foot! When you find the right lady, use that rigid prick of yours to scribble your name in large capital letters from her toes to her heel. It's the 'write' thing to do!
Categories: Cumshots, Feet
Super hot sluts that love warm spunk on their feet!..
Categories: Cumshots, Facials
I'm not one of those prissy little girls who doesn't want anything to do with your man juice, no way. I crave your cock and balls in my mouth. I savor the thought of your gooey spunk dripping down my chin. So please don't deny me, let me have it! I need your big thick wet load right on my face!
Categories: Cumshots, Gonzo, Facials, POV
Watch beautiful women use their throats to funnel some big dicks with thick load rewards! They do their part and are just THRILLED to get a hot batch of batter! These cum crazed vixens have hit the mother load of all loads when these randy studs fuck their faces and tight snatches! But the best part is when they gather around right before they let their one-eyed snakes spit bukkake-style! If you like to see a beautiful girl drenched in a cum bath then look no further because these faces cum fully loaded!
Categories: Blowjobs, MILF, Teens 18+
A parent's job is to prepare their children for the real world. Well as it turns out, sucking cock is real! So now your daughter is old enough to take on the huge responsibility of pleasing her man with her mouth. Licking, stroking, kissing and sucking a cock is the most useful tool a girl has. The perfect blow job can make a guy see stars and also make him forget about other women. The quickest way to a man's heart is through his cock!
Is it bad parenting if you just want to be a part of your daughter's sex life? These moms take their involvement to the next level. The deal is, they allow their daughters to bring home big, hung studs as long as the moms get a piece of that hard cock first! After that, they can share all the man meat they can handle.
These cuckolds just love the taste of cum...
Categories: Spoof, Teens 18+, Uniforms
Remember how we hated school? Well, its time to go back to class, full time! But don't worry, the curriculum isn't tough, in fact there's only one class, SEX 101! As in sex, sex and more sex. So when you DO go back to school, this is the one campus that has just what you want. And forget the books, all youre going to need is a hard dick and a desperate need to shoot some jizz! But this place does have homework, lots of homework, every night!
Categories: Bondage, S&M, Fetish, Amateur
This awesome movies features spanking, breath play, blowjobs, belly punching and more!
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