Hot Tub Blast: An afternoon Jacuzzi turns explosive as Jodie decides to become an exhibitionist. She just didn't expect to be this much of an exhibitionist, as her finger session turns into a wet blast. Unable to keep her lust under control, she throws herself on her male companion. And another blast ensues. My Little Squirter: The well to do executive never asked what he got himself into when he met the tiny girl from the trailer park. He found himself enamored with the white trash nympho. All of 4'10" - she packed the sexual wallop of an amazon. And when she came, she gushed like a waterfall. She Squirts By The Seashore: She found herself drawn to the beach, drawn to its beauty. She loved spending her days masturbating as the sounds of waves cascaded around her. For some reason, her best orgasms would come at the beach. Like the ocean, her orgasms were wet and explosive. Add to that the giant dicked man she found one day at the beach and you have a typhoon. Mountain Showers: Mysty and her man decided to spend the beautiful summer day hiking. All that walking sure can get a girl's crotch moist. And much more, as Mark was to discover that fateful day when he brought his hot little babe to a wet orgasm.


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