Cream Of The Crop 10


Zack has always been a giver, so when he meets Tre` at the welfare office, he offers her a job in one of his dirty fuck movies. Tre` has never fucked from money before, but decides to give it the old college try. Before you can say "crackwhore", Zack is gagging the silly bitch with his dirty cock. He then fucks the slut in every position until he shoots a massive load up her freshly fucked twat. Zack meets Talle Dee, a stripper from Dallas, and invites her back to his place for some fun. Talle, being the stupid whore she is, tells Zack she likes when guys mess with her. Zack wastes no time and throat fucks the bitch, and then heads straight for her blown out asshole. He then unloads his "man juice" deep in her rectum and watches in amazement as the splooge comes bubbling out. Zack meets Iris at a Goth club and tells her he's always wanted to fuck a vampire. Zack then impales her with his "stake" until the "groovy ghoul" can take no more. Zack then drains his balls inside her and forces her to squeeze the spunk out or her dirty cunt.

Director: Zack Miles



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