Mandi Goes Gonzo

Mandi Goes Gonzo Porn Video Art

As most everyone knows, I haven't done a B/G Movie since Alex. I've been kind of a private person when it comes to my boyfriends, but I just couldn't hold out any longer! No one has seen the Romantic Side of Mandi and I guess it's time to show everyone what I'm like with the guy I fell in Love with!!! Hold on folks - this isn't the Mandi you thought you knew! - lol My new Boyfriend starts out a little slow..but we got to give him a break - he is a video virgin...(Well in scene one anyway) but by the time scene two comes around I think he might have liked the camera being there more then I did. In most of the movies I have appeared in I have been some what reserved and it was more about having fun then making love. But you will see a whole different side of me in this. It is much more passionate and intense. I still have fun, don't get me wrong but there is a felling of comfort and safety that allows me to let my hair down and enjoy every wet and sticky minute.

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