University Co-eds Issue #15

University Co-eds Issue #15 Porn Video Art

Welcome to our fifteenth edition of University Co-eds. We have a smorgasbord of young pussy that will satisfy your ravenous appetite for school girl pussy. Our first piece covers Blair's experience while washing her car and getting seduced by a fellow student who happens to be working on his truck. Hot 18 year old newcomer Shenna Chase is pursued by a voyeur who watches her and her boyfriend make love. She is the type of girl you would crawl on your knees 50 miles over broken glass, just to sniff where she peed. Katerina tells about how her mother sent her to the psychiatrist for masturbating too much. Luckily the doctor took care of her needs! Our last scene is a behind the scenes look at one of our University Co-eds productions. We put together this enjoyable show with hardcore sex scenes to keep your interest.

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