Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole Porn Video Art

Amber Lynn is one of the Golden Age's most fondly-remembered dream girls. She set many a young man's erotic imagination alight with her inimitable combination of high-powered debauchery and low-key penchant for the truly, minutely erotic and her sublime sensuality. Things have changed in the porn world, though, and the bar has been raised for triple-X divas - they have to be relentlessly nasty and willing to do just about anything on screen, from hard-hitting anal to blistering d.p. to swallowing stuff that would put the most seasoned sorority girl's hair on end. Amber hops right over that bar here and does so in deliriously high style. Amber proves once and for all that the only thing missing from the first part of her career was the kind of wild-eyed perverts it takes to bring this kind of no-holds barred pornography to the screen, pervies like producer Tom Byron, who is the mad genius behind this production and one of the most respected and revered pornmeisters working in hardcore today. A must-see for Amber's old and new fans.

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