Visions of X 2

Visions of X 2 Porn Video Art

A come-hither collection of scorchingly hot vignettes, this one brings together some of the most alluring young women on the scene. The opening segment is without a doubt the hottest, which might be expected since it stars luscious Jewel DeNyle. Jewel plays a gal home alone for the night in a scene that's a parody of 'Scream.' Jewel plans to pop some corn and watch some porn, but her plans are thrown for a loop when she receives a breathless obscene phone call. Soon, the mysterious called leaps into the room, replete with mask and cape. It doesn't take long for Jewel to toss her inhibitions aside and join the masked intruder for some countertop carnality right there in the kitchen. Tasha Hunter also turns in some great work, sharing her awesome up-front assets with some lucky stiff in another fiery and filthy frolic. Gwen Summers looks great in a maid's outfit, and even better out of it as she joins Chris Cannon for a searing outdoor tussle. This one's a great choice for fans who like their porn to at least try and have some sort of set-up. Filled with gorgeous young women and out-there sexual antics, this one's sure to please.

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