Pussyman Auditions #26

Pussyman Auditions #26 Porn Video Art

Rachel Love turns in one of her most energetic, sultry performances ever in this latest edition of the long-running gonzo series. The format is exactly the same as in previous vids -- a trio of porno starlets comes by David Christopher's house and 'try out' for roles in his latest "Pussyman" epic. It's the starlets who make or break flicks like this, and Rachel's voracious performance raises this one well above the norm. In case you haven't caught Rachel in action before, she's an all-natural blonde strumpet who packs some prodigious curves onto her frame. A wonderfully rounded backside and some mouthwateringly large, slightly droopy boobs combine to make her one of the more sensual women in hardcore -- think of a blonde version of Keisha and you're almost there. Rachel lets it all hang loose in this one, letting fly with a vocal and passionate performance that's sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who appreciates that girl-next-door appeal. Toss in some steamy scenes from Eden and a highly energetic Heaven Lee and you've got the makings of one of the best episodes of this series yet.

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Director: David "Pussyman" Christopher