Pussyman's House Party

Pussyman's House Party Porn Video Art

A party at Pussyman's house quickly turns into a blistering series of sex scenes in this fast-paced, no-nonsense sexvid. All of the action is filmed at a real party thrown by David Christopher, where the guests are pretty much all connected to the porno industry. The result is a non-stop orgy of orgiastic pleasure as they take turns pairing off for scene after scene of scintillating sexuality. Most of the action in this one consists of lesbian scenes, although Nena Cherry does turn in a top-notch oral scene on one lucky stiff. Nyrobi Knight will blow your mind with her solo routine, making the most of a gigantic vibrating plastic alligator. But the best sequence here finds partygoers Ashley Renee and Ruby Richards engaged in a full-throttle Sapphic bump and grind. They turn a spiral staircase into their own private passion pit in a dirty-mouthed scene that finds them both at their lady-lapping hottest. While it seems like not everything that happened at this party got captured on film, everyone seems to have had a good time. And you will too, especially if you appreciate the allure of gal-groping lesbian action at its most debauched.

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