Sluts Of Montreal Vol.5 2006

Categories: Amateur , Hardcore

Director: N/A
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First up Angelina, in her tiny shiny red panties pulled tight against the cleft of her vulva. She rubs Hans' cock against the outside of her panties before climbing on him and riding his shaft. They play with ice. She tongues his tight balls; he ejaculates in her mouth. Katrina strips seductively while Dimitri watches, stroking his erect cock. They fuck. The scene finishes with Katrina jerking him off. He hoses her several power jets of cum. Melina strips off her blouse and skirt and arouses herself through her skimpy blue panties. She removes them and masturbates to orgasm getting off on the idea of being watched by the viewers of this movie. Sunny Lee and Melina heat up the small screen with their youthful beauty and sexual antics as they tongue and play with each others? pussies. Male Boro takes his time removing Sophie Anne's clothes and caressing her body. He pays special attention to her pussy, licking her labia till they glisten with his saliva. After sucking his cock and posing

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