The Way She Was 2006

Director: Gunther Otto
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Ach du liebe! That delicious Teutonic tart, Josephine Mutzenbacher, recounts her torrid sexual exploits in turn of the century Vienna. If you think modern times are wild take a steamy look at THE WAY SHE WAS! Jailed for running a social club for ?wayward? girlz, Josie uses her head to make bail, but not before she watches the most decidedly debauched version of musical chairs ever invented! On the lamb with a randy rogue named Pauly, the two of them get involved in one lusty sexual encounter after another. Finally, Josephine ends up at an enormous orgy hosted by a horny Hapsburg. Our sensuous little strudel takes in more than atmosphere as she indulges in a sizzling smorgasbord of German manhood.

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