After getting fired from his temp job (see Screwin' with Dave Pounder), Dave's former roommate, Eddie, convinces him to get another job. Unable to think of a job that will allow him to wear shorts and sandals, Dave decides to spend his last $20 to order a pizza, but ends up screwing the pizza delivery girl instead. After his newfound appreciation for pizza baby, he decides to apply for a job at the pizza shop. Unfortunately Dave is not qualified to work at the pizza joint, so he screws the manager in the hopes of landing the job. On his first delivery, he screws up the order and ends up having to screw the customers in order to keep them from complaining to his manager. The next day, another delivery results in a cute college girl that has no money for a tip. Feeling guilty about Dave's financial situation and her lack of funds, she decides to tip him with her sweet, young pussy. Later that week, the county health inspector visits the pizza shop, which isn't exactly up to code. Dave and his fellow pizza employee end up screwing the health inspector in the hopes of receiving a passing grade to keep the joint open. Hard At Work is fun, college, reality-type sex that'll make your girlfriend want to screw you!


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