The third edition of the anally-obsessed sexvid series continues in much the same vein as the first two, with a batch of fast-paced and scorchingly hot interracial encounters. This time, though, the action is (loosely) tied to a story about nerdy white guy Rick Masters, who's determined to learn how to be a cool hip-hoppin' kinda guy. It seems that he wants to score with black women, but they'll have nothing to do with his goofy demeanor. The whole thing's pretty silly, actually, with Rick really hamming it up during his 'learn to be cool' scenes. The sex is pretty torrid, throughout, though, with Vanessa Chase turning in another blistering, first-rate sexual dalliance. Vanessa takes on a pair of well-equipped studs in a voracious anal blast that builds to a shattering double penetration finale. Vanessa's one of the most ravenous sexual adventurers to grace porno screens during the 90s, and her out-of-control romping here makes it clear why she was always in demand. She simply can't get enough when it comes to raw, sweaty, greasy back door boffing. Vanessa never seems less than 110% into her wanton work, and this scene ranks right up there among her most gripping ever. Scenes with Shonna Lynn and Golden Jade are plenty passionate, but it's Vanessa that you'll be thinking of long after this one's over.


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