Never Enough 2007


Categories: Classics

Director: N/A
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A Journalist working with an economics magazine that has fallen on hard times decides to boost sales by writing an article about an awards ceremony to honor the best female writer of an erotic novel. His search takes him deep into the lives of three contestants, he finds that their sexual lusts and cravings go far beyond just writing about it. He is willingly seduced by all three. His girlfriend has been secretly observing this and decides she wants in on all of the nasty action, but she also has a plan to surprise him. The journalist weak from his sexual exploits with the three sluts wonders how he will ever be able to get down on paper just how sexually hot these women are and how they can convey their sexual lust in a novel. It all comes to a head at the award banquet, when an amateur wins the first prize, His girlfriend who has written a novel about all of his sexual exploits.

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