Mood Ring 2007

Categories: Feature

Director: Michael Raven
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Jackie (Jessica Drake) is a beautiful, talented reporter for a respected women's fashion magazine looking for the story that will put her in the limelight. The problem is however, that her boss only assigns her to the 'fluffy' news stories, instead of the hardcore news stories that she longs to do. Recently separated from her long-term boyfriend, Jackie has given up on love and relies on her mood ring to guide her in love, since unlike her heart, the mood ring has never steered her wrong before. Finally, Jackie is assigned to do a story that will test her true talent and abilities as a reporter and she is elated. While investigating the story, Jackie meets Anthony, a magazine reporter investigating the same story as Jackie. What Jackie and Anthony soon discover though is that sometimes in the search for that 'perfect' story, you may just find love? Mood ring, put it on to find true love...

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