Imagine a future where paper money is obsolete and in its place a single electronic credit standard remains and Free speech has been replaced, by great grandchild of the Internet?The Stream. The government's solution, created for the sole purpose of forming a perfect world is the implementation of the New Golden Rule: If you want to be a good citizen, you've got to be a good consumer. To keep society running everyone has to contribute. Being in debt is considered a felony in the eyes of the government. If you fall behind in your debts six months or more you can expect to get a mandatory three-year public service sentence, working off your debts at an inflated interest rate. In a perfect world, there is no room for mistakes. Melina (Sydnee Steele) is a beautiful, intelligent woman who has agreed to participate in a scientific experiment, her compensation for taking part, a clean credit record. The experiment seems simple enough, testing of a new sexual enhancement drug?U-4. At first, Melina is intrigued by the power U-4, for it causes her to engage in steamy sexual innuendos that under normal circumstances she wouldn't have dared try. As Melina falls deeper into the trip of U-4, more is revealed than she is ready to accept. The experiment was just a cover up disguising the real purpose of U-4, direct mind control of the masses. With the help of two revolutionaries, Melina sets out to save the human race before it's too late. Euphoria, it's a head trip you won't soon forget.


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