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I met Danyel Cheeks at a Nudes a Poppin'. (Don't bother looking for this tape. I've never taken the time to edit it into a video release.) She really wanted to get into the porno business, which I helped her do two weeks later when I shot her for Bend Over Babes 2. She had great long legs and incredible sweet butt cheeks. (By the way, I suggested that she use Cheeks as her stage name.) Here is the second of the two scenes I shot with her. It was just a few weeks after the first scene. Danyel once said she was made for porn and here she was looking forward to proving that she could be a star. Joey Silvera really wanted to taste this fresh new girl, Woody Long went crazy when he saw her, and Sparks, who was living with Danyel at the time, was jerking off so much watching the scene that he had to jump in. Actually I even jump in the scene for a little bit at the end. I can still remember how nice it felt when my dick popped into her tight asshole while Joey fucked her pussy. I really regret not having shot her more. Forgive me Danyel wherever you are, you were one of the best. (Someday I promise to put together a best of Nudes a Poppin' and include the great stuff from that show with Danyel.) I used to love to jerk off to English men's magazines. They always had fresh new models. One in particular, Misty, had great long legs and really sexy hips and ass. And Boy could she arch her back! I asked an English photographer I knew about her and he said yes he did know her and yes she did do hardcore porno! That's all I needed to know to get me on the next plane to London. It was a really pleasure shooting Misty. She is a sexy girl. She moved those long legs gracefully and sensually and she could really stick her butt out. The scene does here is with her new boyfriend at the time, a big hunk she had just met at a male strip show. They made quite a couple! And last but certainly not least, Darla Derierre, the mystery girl. The deal I had with her was that I could shoot any video on her, but I couldn't show her face in any still photos. Oh well, her legs and ass are really incredible, and what a bend over! She is the girl on the first Buttman poster, and she's on the cover of Best of Buttman. Here she does a scene with first time stud, Bubba Brando. (You might recognize him as Seymour Butts.) Madison, who was also brand new at the time, adds considerable spice to this 3-way. Seymour was pretty good in his first scene, but he was turned on a little too much and he was embarrassed to admit it. If you watch the scene closely when he is fucking Darla in the ass, while she is facing the camera (and while Madison is massaging his balls), you can see his dick flexing and it looks to me like he's pumping cum into Darla's asshole! Darla was Seymour's girlfriend at the time and helped him hide his premature cum. They took a break after this, which I was not suspicious of at the time, but when we went for what I thought was Seymour's first cumshot it took a while for him to get off. At the time I thought it was because this was his first time in front of the camera. I didn't realize this was because he had just got off 20 minutes earlier. I figured out what really happened while I was editing the scene. In any case, Darla only did a few videos in her career. She was a really wild girl, who absolutely loved big dicks in her ass.


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