The Dressed to Fuck line by veteran Evil Empire Director and Performer Christoph Clark is the Evil response to the MILF craze - Mothers I'd Love to Fuck. There's something about a well dressed, slightly older woman - a sense of confidence, style, accomplishment, maybe they've been around, and they are a Cougar on the Prowl looking for a young stud to satisfy a feminine libido which grows more insatiable with time. Any man lucky enough to fuck a 40 year old woman with the body of a 25 year old and the sex crazed mind of a 19 year old will relate to this. The movie presents variations on the MILF and Cougar themes - a MILF fucking two young men with anal and double penetration in Scene 1; a lesbian MILF /Cougar having a dalliance with a submissive, leashed woman in Scene 2; A Cougar harlot fucking men in turn, getting paid by one, and paying another in Scene 3, along with anal and ass to mouth; a pair of new starlets, including one with the best natural rack since Gianna and Taylor St. Clair in Scene 4; and a workplace secretary MILF getting fucked in turn by the boss and her boyfriend, with anal, ass to mouth, and a fantasy play on workplace sex for anyone who has every entertained that fantasy for the 8 hours a day we spend walking around co-workers we'd like to fuck.


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