Natural, artsy, chatty, brunette Trixie likes to fantasy play! She gets excited playing dress up and indulging some of her fantasies while appealing to ours! In the first scene we see Trixie in red fishnet stockings, black high heels, black faux leather panties, black faux leather lace-up bodice, and long red gloves holding a black and red feather fan. Her bare breasts are pierced. She continuously narrates some of her fantasies while enjoying the feel of the feathers all over her body, including fanning her nice round ass. She enjoys a little pleasure as we see her grabbing firmly onto her nipple piercings and tugging. This woman is clearly an exhibitionist and enjoys playing with herself in any possible way. After slowly removing her long gloves, finger by finger, she saunters over to the camera and cameraman and flirts by blowing the feathers into the camera. She settles into the chair with her head on the ottoman, discusses removing her stockings and other fantasies while snapping her panties on her bits and slapping her clit. She reaches into her bag of goodies and locates her leather paddle ... she smacks her inner thighs (gently) before simultaneously really spanking her lovely breasts and hitting her clit with the other hand. Let?s just say that the paddle manages to make firm, direct contact with every intimate part of Trixie's body - even leaving red marks and splotches on her porcelain skin. Her hand makes its way into her panties and she let's us know she has made contact with her pussy and it's "very wet". Obviously all that spanking is getting her very riled up and excited as she dips her fingers into her pussy.

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