Roberta 8 Months 2008

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Buxom blonde bombshell Roberta is now 8 months pregnant and horny, horny, horny! Her breasts were really large pre-pregnancy and now they are absolutely enormous! And her belly is nice and round and prominent, too! In the first scene Roberta has her top pulled down and her dress hiked up while lying on the bed, still wearing high heels while thoroughly enjoying a session with her trusty pocket rocket. Roberta has a very elongated pussy that is completely engorged and swollen with extra baby fluid. She twitches and flicks the pocket rocket back and forth and side-to-side on her clitoris as it gets harder and more and more prominent. She moans quietly and enjoys a nice orgasm, but her contractions are only slightly visible ? I think because her pussy is just so swollen and engorged from her pregnancy. There is a really nice view of her huge clitoris and completely shaved pussy post orgasm.

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