Kayden's Krossfire

Kayden's Krossfire Porn Video Art

Kayden is a small town deputy (make that dep-beauty) in this fun adventure. A bank robbery ensues, which points fingers at Kayden?s cousin, Jay. Oh no! Kayden?s been accused of sniffing around as an accessory! The only person doing any sniffing here is Tim the sheriff, but even he becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, Jay tries his best to convince Kayden that he was framed. You see, Jay is doing Tim?s wife, and he believes she and her powerful hubby are in on it together. So, Kayden decides to confront the wife about the whole kit and caboodle. Oh, yeah, a drug-sniffing mini horse is involved too! See what unfolds in this law-poking scandal starring new ADAM and EVE contract star, KAYDEN KROSS in her headlining debut!

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Director: Andre Madness