Famous Dr Ramos 2008

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Our famous Dr Ramos is at his old pranks again, seeing patients at home, I mean really. Opening yourself up for a law suit, or even a paternity suit Dr Ramos, stretching the limits a little bit here, taking a few too many liberties huh? Hey, if the shoe fits, swear it. This frisky trailer park street walker comes to the home of the famous and does his cock righteous, bobbing her head up & down til it wants to fall off. She strips off her tight clothing revealing a plump tummy and it ain't from one too many tacos. Could the Famous Dr Ramos be the culprit. Might have to wait this one out. An exhibitionist surely, she wants to get caught by her muscular live-in beau and even talks with her mouth full. He pops his flesh thermometer into her tight crevice but it won't be for long, cause she's a poppin' little bitch soon. He pounds her and brings up the creamy stuff she spurts. We add Dr Randy and he does his flesh stethoscope down her gullet and it's in tandem now.

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