Neelam has a gorgeous, dark complexion, a bit of a fuller figure, and a lovely mane of luscious brunette hair! She looks totally sexy as she strips down to nothing but her neatly trimmed pubic hair and black satin bra. After making herself comfortable on the bed, she revs up the crystal clear rabbit and teases the opening to her pussy with the head of the toy while waiting for her natural, juicy moisture to build before completely inserting the entire toy penis. She often holds her left labia wide open, or pulls up on the folds around the top of her clit up so that she can enjoy the powerful sensations of ?the ears? while the beads are spinning inside her vagina. She has both hands working in unison to fully stimulate every part of her pussy when her legs start shaking and her hips begin thrusting. Her soft moans become louder and more regular as her rhythmic panting is the only visible indicator of her orgasm. She expels the classic ?ahh, ahh, ahh? panting sounds as her legs go wide, her hips rise up and the beads continue spinning. Finally, her bottom falls back down, her legs close and the toy is removed. Her heavy breathing continues, but subsides as she re-opens her legs and spreads her pussy lips wide apart giving us a lovely post orgasm spread shot! She keeps the toy in motion and gently touches it to the side of her pussy lips. She is literally quivering again as the head of the toy makes its way back to her now sensitive clit. We see Neelam sit up to give us another pussy spread shot sharing her dark yet pink bits and the sticky little string that is running horizontal across her inner lips!

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