British Older Amateur Housewives

British Older Amateur Housewives Porn Video Art

Previously released as British Sluts & Butts: Older Amateur Housewives 2, British Older Amateur Housewives 1 has a great selection of older British housewives, all 45 or above. Hillary is pretty, sexy and dirty. Out in the countryside she finds a spot where she can flash her stockings and knickers, and take Gerry's cock into her mouth. Gerry reciprocates, using a large dildo and his tongue to good effect. Hillary has the first orgasm of the day and has hardly got over it before Gerry slides his cock in her pussy. A good shagging in a variety of positions leads to Karl joining in the fun. Seeing another stiff cock in her mouth turns Gerry on and he slips his cock into her virgin arse, slowly and carefully, but all the way. Anne is outside sucking and fucking on Kris's big hard dick. She is a very attractive lady who does not get enough sex at home. She makes up for it here though, getting a good long hard shag from Kris before he fills her face with loads of creamy cum. Lynda is 54 but is in great shape and, once over her initial shyness, starts by giving two guys a good sucking followed by a good hard fucking. This is followed by a good hard arse fuck before she receives loads of hot cum. Chris and Rosemary are on holiday from Croydon where they run a pub. Rosemary, with her hairy pussy, proves to be quite a sexy lady as she brings herself to a quick climax with a giant dildo. Karl sticks his dick into her mouth and the action just hots up from there. She loves sex and orgasms continually as she is bent over the settee with a cock deep in her hairy puss and one in her mouth, then bounces up and down on a dick on the settee with her legs held over her shoulders for extra deep penetration. She takes the first of four loads of cum in her face before the action continues. The pizza man comes to bring some food and squirts his cum all over her. This is a real dirty sexy scene with this beautiful dark-haired older lady. Finally, slim 48 year old Christine wants a gangbang. After sucking on three cocks, she gets a large vibro stuck right up her tight arse. A great selection of more mature British ladies for your pleasure!

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