Viewers Wives 20

Viewers Wives 20 Porn Video Art

Your Choice present more amateur British contributions from their viewers in Viewer's Wives 20. Cheeky charmers and randy wives all fuck for your enjoyment in eleven segments. Kate and Geordie are from Brighton. Geordie?s definitely a dirty old man and, as young Kate flaunts her bits for his camera, his breathless voice gives the game away. Jenny is a black-haired, dark-eyed fox from Colchester who gets a pussy shaving before dildoing herself. To the beat of music from their stereo, Sarah and Louise are two randy young lasses who pound away at their pussies, sharing a double headed plastic prick. Dawn gives her cunt a hard and fast priming with a dildo and a bottle before taking David?s fist to the wrist. Watch closely, because she swallows his cum too! A bit shy, Sophie doffs her togs, teasing Nick before spreading for him. Later, in Spain, they film a siesta bonking session. Maxine and Dave are from Birmingham. Blonde Maxine displays and fondles her very large breasts - pulling hard on her nipples she jiggles and billows them. As Dave ruts from behind, she also treats the cameraman to a wank and a blow job. Elizabeth and Derek are from Glasgow. Ordering Derek to lay down, Elizabeth straddles him, teasing him with her whip. She favours him with her mouth, crawls all over him, and fucks him on the bathroom floor! Lesley?s pierced nipple stiffens under her fingers. Smearing her puss with yoghurt, Scott?s right in there lapping away like the cat that got the cream. It?s another freeby for the cameraman too. Nice job! Lara, Jamila, Carol and Ruby are four housewives who get hot and horny with each other while their old men are out at work. Two black girls and two white, they writhe together on the living room floor doing their sticky bit for racial harmony. Schoolgirl Lisa is bored with homework so when John arrives she?s ready for a knobbing. The cheeky minx seduces him and lays back on the kitchen table taking his dick up the side of her sexy white panties. Finally, Ed?s not shy about sharing his old lady with his two mates. They prepare her with tongue and finger play before she takes on their cocks and several dollops of man cream too!

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