Sybian Rides 4 Cash: Lola Cait

Sybian Rides 4 Cash: Lola Cait Porn Video Art

Lola is a tough nut to crack. She has never had an orgasm before and she has been led to believe that women can't have orgasms until they are 30 years old! I know that is not the case, but this na?ve 19-year-old girl has no clue. She came to me through my Craigslist ad and she is really in need of some cash. Though she plays with boys and girls, she prefers boys. Lola is convinced that there is no way that she will be able to cum while riding my Sybian, but I plan to prove her wrong. Part way through this shoot I find that human touch is what this young girl needs to move her closer to an orgasm. A the end of this video, I tweak her nipple and she has the quietest of orgasms. I didn?t even know she came until she told me that she did.

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Director: Michael Diamond