We've been told how hot and sexy these hands-on scenes are, so here's another DVD to add to the real orgasm collection! There's a pretty pair of pink panties with a pussy beneath being massaged by a nicely manicured hand. After a bit of rubbing the panties are pushed aside revealing a nice lippy cooch. After a few more minutes, the panties are taken off completely as the fingers rub, rub, rub and massage that clit. Suddenly, I hear a little buzzy toy begin - it's the blue dolphin. Then a man's hand comes into view as his fingers gently fold back a labia and wander across that pussy and bottom. The model is really beginning to moan and bounce her hips up and down - the man's hand now has a fairly firm grasp on a butt cheek and then we hear louder moaning and panting as the orgasmic contractions take hold. After that orgasm, there is a brief pause in the hands-on action due to a really bad leg cramp. The silver bullet vibe comes out to play next, and is sort of resting between her pussy lips with the top end of the toy buzzing on her clit. A bit of moisture is beginning to form. The model moans and pants pretty loudly and reaches to really make sure that toy is on her clitoris while a big juicy drop of pussy juice is dangling. The juice gets rubbed in after that orgasm! But, she wants to give the magic wand a go because it's been recommended by her friend, Roxanne. So, the toy is placed on her cooch, on low power, and she immediately rocks up and down. When a finger is inserted into her pussy, she is literally screaming in orgasmic ecstasy and cumming again!

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