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Puppet Master 2 2008

Director: Rocco Siffredi
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Rocco Siffredi describes his new series thus: "Puppet Master is my brand new line. In all my scenes, I try to work with the girls' personality. My favorite scene is the first, with Omar dominating Laura Picasso, the Swiss girl. Completely real and submissive. Laura had written me a letter saying that she wanted to work with me (like Sandy did in the early days, for Sandy Insatiable). She is a normal girl and she wanted to have an experience making a movie with me. Laura is open for the worst that the human mind can imagine. Omar also did great domination over the French girl, Cecilia Vega. Cecilia is an unbelievable actress and she was very good sexually. I love all four of these scenes; it's a great movie with a lot of dominance." In four nasty scenes by the master of suave, male-dominant brutality, 10 acquiescent sluts get what's coming to them. Rocco: Puppet Master 2 begins with three brunette girls smoking and chatting outside. French bitch Cecilia Vega, Hungarian babe Virginee (sporting a nice, natural rack) and tall, curly-haired, tattooed Laura Picasso. Eric Price leads them indoors to meet Omar Galanti, the angry owner. The two gentlemen start fondling the girls, fingering Laura's asshole; Omar eats Cecilia out and probes her butt. Then the guys make the rounds, fucking each girl in the ass and shooting their cum onto Cecilia's pussy and Laura's face. Tall blonde Ariana Agia, with all-natural tits, and blackhaired Kaira Paolo, wearing glasses, are out on the patio. Kaira is wearing a bikini and reclining on a deck chair when brutish Zenza Raggi pours the contents of a water bottle all over her. In no time, he's eating Kaira's pussy, and Ariana joins in to add her tongue to the party. Zenza licks both of their asses and fingers their holes, then leans back and lets the girls take turns sucking his cock. After he fucks Kaira's ass, he comes on her face and glasses, and Ariana laps her friend clean of spunk. In St. Petersburg, Kiki Ferrari - a thick white girl with big tits a?? meets Rocco by the bridge, and together they go attend a porn shoot being directed by Gabriel Zero. It consists of three girls and Russian guy Vadim. Roxana is a cute reddish-haired ster, Sanny a girl with black hair wearing heavy mascara. Gabriel coaxes Kiki into joining the shoot and the guys enjoy an ass feast; there's a lot of tit worship on Kiki, who then gets fucked in the butt. Roxana blows Vadim, who unloads on her face, and Kiki licks it off. Omar finishes on Kiki, and the other girls lap it all up. Finally, statuesque brunette Camilla Ken interrupts a discussion Rocco is having with Mike Angelo and Zenza to tell them how horny she is. She can't wait for her scene the next day. The guys talk her into sticking around and she swallows Mike's cock in appreciation. Zenza throws a rubber bondage mask over her head and the boys eat Camilla's asshole, fuck her butt and come on her mask... then remove it from her head to smear the sperm on her face.

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