Chick With Nine Holes

Chick With Nine Holes Porn Video Art

A pretty South American girl wants to please so she shaves his fat cock, sucks it, then fucks it. But she will come back for more many times so we call her Chick with Nine Holes cause she loves to keep them filled at all times. A hard, thick cock going into a fine vagina monologue. It?s all there in plain English and a nice clear rear view to see what?s on the menu next. He pummels her from behind and her pretty shapely ass talks as the tail unfolds. She shaves his cock with shaving cr??me, as she is special and fitted to this position. She carefully mind you, drags the razor over even the balls with care and understanding. The hair comes off like butter. She continues the shave but uses more cr??me now and speeds up the process cause she wants it all the way back hard so it can start excavating a deep dark crevice on the buttom of her body. She takes a fat cock all the way in her mouth. But he doesn?t cum inside her mouth. He waits until the last position where he can aim better and get it all in one spot. Man loads a serious tsunami onto an elongated clit. It rains on her parade and moistens her whole shaved vagina. It?s get sticky and only stops when the sun comes out.

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Director: Randy De Troit