Pubic Barber School

Pubic Barber School Porn Video Art

Here we re-visit our sweet home Georgia couple, the illustrious Mr. and Mrs. Small in all their glory here with renewed vim, vigor and confidence. They enter Pubic Barber School. All participants get naked which is the prerequisite for barber school anyway and they are truly loving it, even the subject of their affection: the Teacher Mr. Tall. They gather the necessary barber tools: shaving creme, bowl of water, shavers, wet rag and towels. They begin to shave Mr. Tall?s Balls and cock in true form. They do good for just being beginners and love it as well. But what's in store is more at door #2. The two are requested to get down and start sucking one another so their schooling can be diversified and proper in this pubic sense. So Mrs. Small sucks Mr. Small's Balls and his asshole and gets it primed for bigger things to come. They love it and he takes Mr. Tall?s cock and places it neatly in his wife?s tight pussy, cause points add up in barber school. Mr. Small gets jealous of his wife, why does she get all the cock, so in true humanitarian interest and not to show favoritism, Mr. Tall plunges his cock full length into Mr. Smalls?s ass with Mrs. Smalls help of course. He loves the attention and the swelling of hefty cock inserted and pushed and pulled back and forth in his anus canal. Mrs. Small jumps for joy when she knows that her hubby is getting satisfied by the teacher as well. They both suck Mr. Tall off to keep him hard so he can continue his class righteous. We wind down here to hear both the Smalls now gleaming with joy and to the prospect that they have actually passed the class with flying colors and will now go out into the world to spread their craft to all of mankind. Mr. Tall gets so excited with his new graduates; he gives them a big send-off, a hefty hunk of steaming junk blast to the face and body. And all come away better people.

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