Fresh Princess

Fresh Princess Porn Video Art

We come up on ?Baby?, our anchor girl with a new young Floridian 'Nikki?, fresh to Chicago, came up here to nasty, get high & drink alcohol all day long. She found a new interest in porno at the Ho? Jo? Inn in Hyde Park. They both devour ol? schoolboy Janeiro who?s had swollen joints 2 numerous 2 mention. Cute little buttercup ?Cinnamon? seen here first, loves the women mostly & gets down licking stick. Girlz excite her more she has since become big in LA, springing up on every other web page. The small ones devour Baby like some ants on sugar. Now we have a 4-some. Nikki Schloshes J?s dick on her larger nipples she lollypops his cock. J comes back on her snatch. Nikki?s head gets buried between Baby?s thighs. De Troit pokes his whopper down baby?s stopper. Nikki leans into Baby?s clitty. Then wets De Troit?s pokin? stick, De Troit pokes Nikki. hole as Baby licks under his balls. A 'Mo Better' man Satchmo get pole sucked from ?Tammie? a brand new recruit from the Bombay Bicycle Club on Grand in Chicago. De Troit?s pluggin? Nikki from behind, switches to Baby. He concentrates on Nikki?s love holes. 2-4-1 sale on De Troit. Baby lips the De Troit jones. Nikki appears with new wig & lingerie ridin? De Troit pole (to be continued) in #2.

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