Kate 2009

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Kate is a very attractive 24 year old blonde with a great, tight body. Kate chats with us at the beginning of this DVD while wearing pink Satin panties and matching bra ? she talks about when she first realized watching other people having sex turned her on and how she likes to pleasure herself when she?s feeling horny. She likes to feel the fabric while rubbing on her pussy and she sits upright on the bed massaging and rubbing her bits through the fabric for quite some time. I particularly enjoyed the visual of her toned thighs while the curves of her bottom show as she kneels back on her heels. When Kate removes her bra, she reveals her firm, natural breasts that are tipped with perfect, pink nipples which respond nicely to her tweaks and caresses. With her panties still on, she lies back on the bed and continues to rub her clit through the satin fabric. Eventually, Kate?s hand and fingers make their way into her panties until finally the panties are completely removed. Kate is a rather slow and deliberate masturbator. She takes her time and really enjoys all the senses. She keeps her fingers nice and wet with her saliva while rubbing and massaging herself for a long time. She enjoys very minimal fingering from time-to-time. One of the most interesting features about Kate, for me, was her very red, very apparent sex flush on her face, chest and upper arms ? this was a great indicator of her eminent orgasm.

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