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Debbie Loves Dallas 2009

Director: Eon McKai
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Debbie and her BFF Shauna are working on a porn version of the video for Nirvana's iconic song "Smells Like Teen Spirit." When they meet up with new kids on the block Bambi and her BFF Tammy who are eager to check out the scene. The Deezes van is parked just outside so he can provide a nourishing meal, concert tickets, and always free MP3s. Deeze is quick to take one of the girls on an inspiring drive to the Grope Slope. Alt porn, like any emerging subculture movement, is quick to have its posers. Bambi and Tammy quickly infiltrate porn scene, and become ubiquitous. Dallas, a band in this Debbie movie, just dropped a new EP and is set to play at the Rezon club. Debbie has her mind set on making time with Punky, Dallas' lead singer, despite her relationship with her dead beat BF Josh. Bambi has similar goals and her dad, Mr. Greenfleld, gets in the mix too. He is the owner of Silver Throat Records who is looking to sign Punky's band, Dallas, but he seems uninterested.

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