Circa '82

Circa '82 Porn Video Art

Acclaimed photographer, Dave Naz, returns with a movie so perverse it?s 26 years in the making. Follow Reagan?s youth as they revive the early 80?s and focus on the important things in life: sex, music, and doing whatever the fuck they want. No parents, no school, no rules. No need to pull out those dusty ol? 7 inches either (ehm, we mean records, you pervs), cause the Circle Jerks have got our backs with a soundtrack blasting their classic anthems. Featuring appearances by punk legends Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Don Bolles (Germs, .45 Grave) and Jim Lane (Killroy). You call that racket music?! No, we call it Dave Naz?s Circa82; a time when Punk was as raw as the sex.

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