The Training Of Scarlette Week 2: Disc 1


Well, somehow week 2 didn't seem to be quite as bad as my first week. Daddy T did start my second week of training off with a bang though. Daddy had me chained standing spread eagle in the dungeon and I almost flew away a few times while he was teasing and torturing me. He also started giving me some training in topping girls when we treated my sister slave to a little anal training. There is nothing hotter than an "anal train" let me tell you. Except for hot wax. That was something I've been curious about even before venturing in to the realm of BDSM. I was so glad Daddy T decided to share it with me. It is a bit messy though and it seems I was scrubbing like mad to get the remaining bits of wax up off the floor before Daddy T decided I needed to be punished for not maintaining the dungeon to his satisfaction. Talk about a challenge! Who knew it would be so difficult to scrub a floor, shake a bunny tail and get whacked with a dragon tail whip all at the same time! When Daddy T had to go away for business in the middle of my second week, I was a bit nervous about the prospect of taking care of things on my own, but I think he was pleased when he got back because after spending a glorious afternoon reacquainting himself with this slave's holes, he gave me permission to pleasure myself for him. The experience of putting on a show for him was orgasm inducing all by itself. Overall, it's been another challenging and pleasurable week for me in Daddy T's dungeon. I'm learning that he has high expectations for his slaves but I have never been one that minded having high expectations placed on me. I hope he is as pleased with me as I am with him. It would be my pleasure to be his for a long, long time. ...scarlette

Director: Daddy T




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