Swingers Ball

Swingers Ball Porn Video Art

Here a misfit couple, lost, trying to find a location in the thick of the heat, stumble upon the man with the plan, the Swingers Ball Host. He takes them to a location where they can let their hair down, and get naked. If they can successfully complete this sexual obstacle course, they can become bonified swingers. Will they follow all the rules and do they have what it takes to be a true swinger. Never mind that they are from out of town, down south somewhere, hell, everybody has the potential to be a swinger, all you have to do is suck cock, take one up the ass, and get pussy fucked and fuck back in return. That's not hard, is it? Will they run their course on this course of may twists and turns and become the next SWINGERS? Or will they fail miserably? I think they'll do just fine. As soon as they come out the shower they get naked and begin the swingers rituals and suck and fuck and take the master's big red one up the coothie and in the ass for all the world to see. They are now true SWINGERS. Go straight to the SWINGERS BALL and collect $200!

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Director: Randy De Troit