Kick Ass Chicks 44: Oriental Girls

Kick Ass Chicks 44: Oriental Girls Porn Video Art

TINY TARTS FROM THE ORIENT - Nowadays we call them Asians. But back in the day when they were still exotic, submissive girls who would do anything their white boyfriends told them, we called them Orientals. These Geishas are cute and petite and trained in the arts of pleasing men. When she sees what you're packing, even if it's just a cocktail weenie, her narrow eyes will open wide and she'll proclaim: "Oh! Sooo BIG!"? If that's not enough to tingle your nuts, think of ravaging her tiny Oriental body, with her tiny toes, tiny mouth wrapped around your throbbing cock, and tiny pussy that will suck every last drop of sperm from your balls. Ahh-So!!

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