It's all-girl black-on-black action at its best as nine of the hottest young women on the scene team up for scene after scene of sizzling Sapphic sass. We begin with Mercedes and Victoria Styles, a curvalicious stunner who's sporting her freshly enhanced front end. Mercedes is the dominant one here, handcuffing and toying with Victoria during the delirious build-up to their sofa-based session. Next, gorgeous Diana DeVoe does her best action heroine impression when she rescues Cashmere from a guy who's got her tied up on his roof. Of course, Cashmere offers up her own sexy curves as thanks for Diana's endeavors. Next, fresh-faced newbie Angelique plays a living art exhibit, dolled up in blue latex and trying not to move. Obsession comes along and tempts her into action with the help of some sex toys and her tantalizing tongue. Bronze and Caramel are up next, in another dominant/submissive scenario. Bronze is the aggressor, spanking Caramel into a frothy frenzy before delving into more serious sex play. The finale finds Cashmere once again playing a submissive sweetie, this time being led around with a collar and leash controlled by Ice. Ice leads her into bed where they get down to a seriously sensual Sapphic grind. This is a great pick for anyone into luscious black women and explosive lesbian lust, filled with gorgeous gals and fiery, frenzied fun.


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