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Cvrbongirl: Disc 2


Belladonna's Carbongirl is an art direction masterpiece, a wonderfully executed and daring fantasy that still manages to retain the erotic charge that fans of her all-girl movies have come to expect. The opening credits are an homage to depression era films, complete with crackle sounds and cuts that simulate a broken projector. Accompanied by Henry Hall's haunting "Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogeyman," the credit sequence and the interludes between the scenes are a significant part of the narrative story arc which revolves around the fantasy of Belladonna as the "Doll Maker," a cross between Pinocchio¡¯s Geppetto, the Wizard of Oz and a perverted Doctor Frankenstein, bringing dolls to life in her workshop so they can engage in lesbian depravity with each other... often assisted by Belladonna herself.

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